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A growing population

In the past 200 years or so, the global population (how many people are living

in the world) has gone up rapidly. In 1800, the number was around 1 billion

and it is now over 7 billion! This growth has had a severe impact the Earth’s

resources; more people means that we need to use more of these resources.


Furthermore, in these 200 years, nearly every country has gone through an

Industrial Revolution, so we are now using more energy than ever.


Global Warming

Global warming is a result of something called the enhanced Greenhouse. 

Effect and it is having several knock on effects as well. The main cause is the

fact that we are using so many fossil fuels, which is adding extra CO2 to the



This extra CO2 is trapping more heat from the Sun and changing the balance

that the Earth works at. As well as temperatures, the enhanced Greenhouse 

effect also affects rainfall patterns, migration patterns, sea levels and many

other things.

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