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Act like a clown; Make learning interesting

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Act like a clown; Make learning interesting


Tutors are encouraged to step out of the shoes of a tutor and encouraged

to see the world from the eyes of a child. Thinking like a child, making

children laugh like a clown and making learning interesting will motivate

pupils to learn at home.


“There has been an increasing number of pupils in recent years, where

computer games have distracted the pupils from completing their homework,”

says Gulam Dabhad of Improve Tuition.


Our tutors are encouraged to make learning fun, to compete with child’s

distractions and addictions. If tutors offer learning which inspires the child to

enjoy learning in their tuition session, then children will be motivated and

more concerned in completing their homework.


A recent case involved a pupil which who was making no progress at school

and the parent was becoming distressed with the lack of concern in studies.

The pupil joined Improve Tuition and we soon turned things round.


“It’s about understanding the child, what motivates them and beating them at

it by hiring tutors who can make learning fun,” says Gulam.


Gulam Dabhad leads a team of Tutors who help children develop skills in

Maths, English and Science.