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Action of Insulin

Low glucose High glucose
Insulin levellowhigh
Effect on liverDoes not convert glucose into glycogenConverts glucose into glycogen 
Effect on

blood glucose




Insulin in the presence of high glucose causes the liver to convert glucose

into a molecule called glycogen, which is used for storage. When there is

no insulin, and there are low levels of glucose in the blood, molecule called

glycogen is converted into glucose.


When insulin does not work properly this can cause diabetes. Diabetes is a

condition where the blood glucose level remains high..There are two types

of diabetes :


Type 1 diabetes is when there is a complete lack of insulin. The insulin is

not produced in the body, this is usually due to a genetic defect from birth


Type 2 diabetes is when there is plenty of insulin but it is not working properly,

as the person has become resistant to it.


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