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Active Transport

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Active Transport

In plants root hair cells use the process of active transport to take in minerals.

Root hair cells are very long and have a very large total surface area which

allows it to absorb as much water as possible When it comes to absorbing

minerals there is usually more minerals in the root hair cell than in the soil

surrounding it, therefore the cell uses active transport to absorb as much

minerals as possible.


Water flow through plants

Xylem tubes take water up through the plant; it is made of dead cells. The

process of transpiration carries the water. Transpiration is caused by

evaporation and diffusion, so as water leaves the plant through the leaves

it will leave a gap which will then be filled by the water below, therefore

creating a running transpiration stream, so as water is lost ist is constantly



Phloem tubes carry food through the plant. They transport food substances

such as sugars and proteins. The food can travel in both directions.


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