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Adjective + preposition Preposition + -ing

Adjective + prepositions:


Adjective + of:

We use an adjective followed by the preposition of when referring to someone or something.


Adjective + ofExamples:
Nice of…It was nice of Emma’s dad to give you a lift home.
Kind of…It was kind of you to help me.
Good of…It was good of you told help that old woman cross the road.
Stupid of…It was stupid of her to go out in the rain without an umbrella.
Silly of…It was silly of Josh to cry over a pencil.
Clever of…It was clever of you to google the directions to the shopping centre.
Polite of…It was polite of that man to stop the car to help you.
Proud of…Mum is proud of me for passing my exams.
Ashamed of…I was ashamed of Rita.
Fond of…My grandma is very fond of me.
Short of…I’m short of money.
Afraid of…My little sister is afraid of my uncle.
Terrified of…He’s terrified of his teacher.



Adjective + to:

We use an adjective followed by the preposition to when referring to someone.


Adjective + toExamples:
Nice to…My teacher was being really nice to me today.
Kind to..Josh is always kind to me.
Good to…They were good to me.
Rude to…She was rude to Emma because she didn’t invite her to her party.
Cruel to…Our Maths teacher is very cruel to us.
Friendly to…I’m always friendly to Sue.
Married…Mr Smith is married to Mrs Smith.
Similar to…Your handwriting is similar to mine.
Next to…Kevin sat next to me on the bus.
Opposite to…Deidre sat opposite to Kevin on the bus.
Different to…She is very different to me.



Adjective + about:

We use an adjective followed by the preposition about when referring to something.


Adjective + aboutExamples:
Angry about…I’m angry about the mess the children have made.
Furious about…Mum was furious about the washing machine leaking.
Excited about…I’m excited about going on holiday.
Worried about…Sue is worried about her mum’s health.
Upset about…He was upset about crashing his car into a wall.
Sorry about…The neighbours came to apologise about the noise.



Adjective + for :

We use an adjective followed by the preposition for when referring to something


Adjective + for Examples:
Angry for…Why are you angry for?
Sorry for…I’m sorry for shouting at you.
Feel sorry for…I feel sorry for Lisa.
Famous for…David Beckham is famous for being part of the England football team.
Responsible for…You are responsible for this mess.



Adjective + by:

We use an adjective followed by the preposition by when referring to something.


Adjective + byExamples:
Surprised by..I was surprised by Gemma’s reaction.
Shocked by…I was shocked by Sue’s exam results.
Amazed by…I was amazed by Josh’s painting.
Astonished by…My dad was astonished by the new cat.



Adjective + at:

We use an adjective followed by the preposition at when referring to doing something.


Adjective + at Examples:
Good at…I’m good at memorising information.
Bad at…I’m bad at swimming.
Excellent at…I’m excellent at spelling competitions.
Hopeless at…I’m hopeless at writing neatly.
Brilliant at…I’m brilliant at cleaning up quickly.
Rubbish at…I’m rubbish at Maths and Geography.
Not so good at…I’m not so good at English.


Adjective + with:

We use an adjective followed by the preposition with when referring to someone or something.


Adjective + withExamples:
Angry with…I was angry with my sister for wearing my clothes.
Furious with…Mum was furious with dad because he dropped coffee on the carpet.
Happy with…My granddad was happy with my exam results.
Pleased with…My parents are pleased with me.
Disappointed with…Josh’s parents were disappointed with his exam results.
Satisfied with…I was satisfied with this meal.
Bored with…My sister gets bored with going to work every day.
Fed up with…I am fed up with this homework.
Crowded with…The shop was crowded with too many people.
Different with…Lola acts different with me.





Adjective + prepositionExamples:
Interested in…Are you interested in politics?
Keen on…Emma was keen on having a sleepover.



Preposition + -ing:

When a preposition is followed by a verb, the verb must end in -ing.



  • I’m not very good at remembering

  • I’m bad at directing

  • Emma is really good at telling interesting stories.

  • Sorry for calling you so late but I need your help.

  • Thanks for helping me with my homework.

  • We are thinking of going out for dinner.

  • Dad is thinking of buying me a car.

  • She was talking about having a party.


Adjective + preposition..Preposition + -ing..Exercises..


  1. Use the adjective + preposition give to create your own sentences.


  • Afraid of _______________________________________________________________________________

  • Fed up with _______________________________________________________________________________

  • Angry about _______________________________________________________________________________

  • Different from _______________________________________________________________________________

  • Good at _______________________________________________________________________________

  • Interested in _______________________________________________________________________________

  • Married to ________________________________________________________________________________

  • Nice of ________________________________________________________________________________

  • Kind of ________________________________________________________________________________

  • Sorry for ________________________________________________________________________________


  1. Fill in the missing gap with either of/to/about/with/for/at/by.


  • Tom is interested _______ Pharmacy.

  • My teacher is married ________ a footballer.

  • My little sister is afraid ________ dogs.

  • Samantha is very good ______ speaking French.

  • My dad is fed up _______ the weather.

  • That’s very kind ______ you.

  • It’s stupid ______ her to play in rain.

  • Mum is furious ______ me.

  • I was amazed ________ my brother’s painting.

  • I’m excited ________ Josh’s birthday party.

  • She’s very proud ______ me.

  • I’m sorry _______ the noise last night.

  • Who is responsible _______ this mess?

  • The essay was full ______ mistakes.

  • Her dress is similar _______ mine.

  • She was frightened _______ getting into trouble.



  1. Choose an adjective to go before the following prepositions. Then use the adjective + preposition to create your own sentence.



  • ___________________________ of

  • ___________________________________________________________________________________

  • ___________________________ to

  • ___________________________________________________________________________________

  • ___________________________ about

  • __________________________________________________________________________________

  • ___________________________ with

  • __________________________________________________________________________________

  • ___________________________ for

  • __________________________________________________________________________________

  • ___________________________ at

  • __________________________________________________________________________________

  • ___________________________ by

  • ___________________________________________________________________________________

  • ___________________________ on

  • ___________________________________________________________________________________

  • ___________________________ in

  • ___________________________________________________________________________________


Challenge: Use the adjectives given followed by a preposition to write sentences about yourself.


  • (interested)_______________________________________________________________

  • (afraid) __________________________________________________________________

  • (scared) __________________________________________________________________

  • (fed up) __________________________________________________________________

  • (amazed) _________________________________________________________________

  • (bored) __________________________________________________________________

  • (nice) ___________________________________________________________________



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