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Aerobic Respiration

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Aerobic Respiration

Learning objective – to learn about aerobic and anaerobic respiration.

All living cells need energy to stay alive. Respiration is a chemical reaction

that occurs in all living cells to produce energy.


There are two types of respiration:

Aerobic respiration can only occur in the presence of oxygen. Oxygen taken

in from the air combines with the glucose take from food. The two combined



Cabon dioxide, water and energy is released as well. Respiration occurs in a

part of the cell called the mitochondria.


There are many uses for the energy released from respiration. It is used to

build larger molecules from smaller molecules. An example of this is making

protein from amino acids In animals the energy used from respiration can be

used for movement.


For the muscles to contract energy is required In mammals and birds, those

animals who are considered to be warm blooded, require the energy produced

from respiration to maintain a constant body temperature In plants, the energy

is required to build larger molecules such as starch, proteins and nitrates.


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