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Am/is/are Questions

PronounAuxiliary Verb


Auxiliary VerbQuestion
AmAm I ?
IsIs he?
IsIs she?
IsIs your?
Is Is it?
AreAre we?
AreAre you?
AreAre your?
AreAre they?
AreAre these?
AreAre those?




Am I?Am I early?
Is he?Is he  going to Ben’s house?
Is she?Is she ill?
Is your?Is your dad at home?
Is it?Is it cold outside?
Are we?Are we going to the supermarket?
Are you?Are you feeling tired?
Are your?Are your brothers twins?
Are they?Are they old?
Are these?Are these my shoes?
Are those?Are those yours?







These are question words. We can use these words alongside auxiliary verbs to form questions.



WhereWhere is?       or      Where’s?
WhereWhere are?
WhatWhat is?         or      What’s?
WhatWhat are?
Who?Who is?          or     Who’s?
Who?Who are?
How?How is?          or       How’s
How?How are?
Why?Why is?
Why?Why are?




Where is?Where is Thomas?
Where’s?Where’s your mum?
Where are?Where are you going?
What is?What is in the bag?
What’s?What’s for dinner today?
What are?What are you making for lunch?
Who is?Who is Graham?
Who’s?Who’s she?
Who are?Who are you?
How is?How is your mum?
How’s?How’s your sister?
How are?How are you?
Why is?Why is she not helping me?
Why are?Why are there so many people here?


When answering a question, you can reply with short answers –


PronounAuxiliary VerbAnswer
IAmI am
HeIsHe is
SheIsShe is
ItIsIt is
WeAreWe are
YouAreYou are
TheyAreThey are



Pronoun Auxiliary verb + negativeAnswers
IAm notI’m not
HeIs notHe’s not              or        He isn’t
SheIs notShe’s not            or        She isn’t
ItIs notIt’s not                or        It isn’t
WeAre notWe’re not          or        We aren’t
You Are notYou’re not         or        You aren’t
TheyAre notThey’re not       or        They aren’t




Are you hungry?Yes, I am.
Are you feeling any better?No, I’m not.
Are those your shoes?No, they aren’t.
Are we going to the supermarket?Yes, we are.
Is she tired?No, she isn’t.



Am/Is/Are – Questions Exercises..


1.Match the correct answers to the question.


What is the capital city of England?Yes, it is.
Who’s that man?Silver
Is your bag dark blue?Yes, they are.
Are they early?No, I’m not.
Are you ill?London
Is your cat black?My dad.
What color is your new car?No, it’s black.


2.Complete the questions using what…/who…/where…/how…/are…


  • ____________ the supermarket?

  • ____________ your sister?

  • ____________ your favourite chocolate?

  • ____________ new?

  • ____________ feeling sick?

  • ____________ are you?

  • ____________ are you going?

  • ____________ are you doing tomorrow?


Tip: There might be more that one question word you could use….


3. Answer the following questions using short answers

  • Are you hungry? _________________________________________________________________

  • Are they ill? _____________________________________________________________________

  • Are we short? ___________________________________________________________________

  • Is it sunny outside? _______________________________________________________________

  • Are your hands warm? ____________________________________________________________

  • Are you a doctor? ________________________________________________________________

  • Is it raining? _____________________________________________________________________

Challenge: Complete the conversation between Amy and Tom.


Amy: ___________ are you doing tomorrow?

Tom: ___________ going on holiday.

Amy: ____________ are you going?

Tom: _________ going to Italy.

Amy: _________ are you going with?

Tom: __________ going with my mum, dad and sister.

Amy: _______________ excited?

Tom: ___________________________

Amy: ________ old is your sister?

Tom: ___________ three years old.



You can have a conversation with a family member or a friend and ask questions about any topic you want.




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