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Exhilarating Antonym Exercises

Antonym is a word opposite in meaning to another. The antonym can also be nearly opposite in meaning.

Look at these examples to help you learn about antonyms.

  • Soft & hard
  • Respect & dishonor


Task 1: Using a thesaurus, find the meanings of each of these

             words. Choose your answers from the options that


a. Comprehend                   grasp        appreciate        disregard                


b. Special                             major        conventional     choice


c. Conceive                         neglect       disrespect         trust


d. Contemplate                    ignore         avoid       intend


e. lament                              celebrate    sorrow      imagine


f. Meditate                            consider       ignore     medical      


g. Ponder                             study      discard       disagree


h. Reflect                              disregard       rotate        join


i. Speculate                          still        ignore        suggest    


Task 2: Match each word on the left with its antonym.

a. suggest                    criticise


b. consider                  cause


c. intend                      disregard


d. disrespect               criticise


e. appreciate               deny


f. result                        disbelieve


g. conventional          courtesy


Task 3: Using a thesaurus, find the meanings of each of the

             word in italics. Go to the antonyms and choose the

             best antonym choice that fits.

a. In preparation for the Heckmondike Grammar preparation, Uzair always

    listens to the vocabulary tutor and works hard.


b. The government missed its annual house building target – of building

    250,000 houses.


c.  A  Bradford primary school where 500 children are enrolled is awarding

    incentives as a way of……


d. Ann was described by her friends as a  vivacious young lady.


e. Improve is a contemporary brand which is a fusion of American vintage,

    mysterious Japanese style graphics with a British Style of tutoring.


Incredible Challenge

Complete each sentence with the correct word.


a. “Being  is good for your learning,” advised the UK online tutor.


inquisitive         polite         generous 


b.  Before the jump, Ishaq’s friends were , he could beat the world

     kiteboarding title and reclaim his speed title.


hopeful       delighted        criticise


c. The Tutor in Leeds told the children to , their belongings before

     leaving the Leeds Tuition centre.


consider       ignore      gather 


d.  The parent of each child must  their child, keeping them in good study habits.


collect       organise       appoint



Your amazing! You’ve worked hard on these antonym worksheets. Well done!

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