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Are you doing (Present continuous questions)



PronounAuxiliary verb Example:
Iam-ingI am reading.
Heis-ingHe is sleeping.
SheIs-ingShe is eating.
Itis-ingIt is raining.
Weare-ingWe are going to the supermarket.
Youare-ingYou are wearing designer clothes.
They are-ingThey are working




Auxiliary verbPronoun-ing / Example
AmIgoing to the supermarket with you?
AreWegoing swimming?
AreYouhaving a party?
AreTheywaiting at the bus stop?





These are question words. We can use these words alongside auxiliary verbs to form present continuous questions.





WhereWhere are you going?
WhatWhat are you doing?
WhoWho is going with you?
HowHow are you getting there?
WhyWhy are you running up and down the stairs?


When answering a present continuous questions, you can reply with short answers –


PronounAuxiliary VerbAnswer
IAmI am
HeIsHe is
SheIsShe is
ItIsIt is
WeAreWe are
YouAreYou are
TheyAreThey are



Pronoun Auxiliary verb + negativeAnswers
IAm notI’m not
HeIs notHe’s not              or        He isn’t
SheIs notShe’s not            or        She isn’t
ItIs notIt’s not                or        It isn’t
WeAre notWe’re not          or        We aren’t
You Are notYou’re not         or        You aren’t
TheyAre notThey’re not       or        They aren’t




Question Short Answer
Are you cleaning your room?Yes, I am
Is he sleeping?Yes, he is.
Are they playing in the garden.No, they aren’t.
Is it shining?No, it isn’t.
Are we going shopping?Yes, we are.
Is she working today?No, she is not.



Are you doing? (present continuous questions) Exercises


1. Complete the question making sure they are in the present continuous form.


  • Am I _________________________________________________________________

  • Is he _________________________________________________________________

  • Is she _________________________________________________________________

  • Is it ___________________________________________________________________

  • Are we _______________________________________________________________

  • Are you _______________________________________________________________

  • Are they ______________________________________________________________


2.Answer the following questions using short. They can be negative or positive.


  • Is Tom going to the supermarket? ______________________________

  • Are they playing football? _____________________________________

  • Is it snowing outside? ________________________________________

  • Are you feeling better? _______________________________________

  • Are we going on holiday? _____________________________________

  • Is Lucy going to her friend’s house for a sleepover? ________________


3. Create present continuous questions using the words.





Challenge: Complete the conversation between Louise and Ben.


Ben: ___________ you drinking?

Louise: ______________________ a strawberry smoothie.

Ben: ___________ nice?

Louise:____________________.    _____ you working tomorrow?

Ben: __________. Are you?

Louise: ________________

Ben: What time are you going to sleep and what time are you going to wake up?

Louise: ______________________ to sleep at 9pm and _________ up at 7am.



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