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At 8 o’clock, on Monday, in April

When talking about time we use at :



At 8 o’clock…

At half past 3…

At 7:30…

At noon…

At midnight…

At night…

At Christmas…

At Easter…

At the end of…

At the moment…


I am going to grandma’s at 8 o’clock.
We finish school at half past 3.
Dad is picking me up at 7:30.
I’m going into town at noon.
We’re going to sleep at midnight.
I can’t sleep at night.
Mum’s going to buy me a new handbag at Christmas.
What are you doing at Easter?
I’m busy at the moment.
I need to sort my finances out at the end of the month.


When talking about the day/date we use on :



On Monday…

On Wednesdays…

On Christmas…

On Easter…

On the weekend…

On New Year’s Day…

On Boxing day…

On 26th April…

On 30th December…


On Monday I have a dentist appointment.
On Wednesdays we go swimming.
On Christmas we have a big meal.
I’m staying at my friend’s house on the weekend.
On New Year’s Day I’m going out with my friends.
We’re going shopping on Boxing Day.
On the 4th of July it’s Americans have a big celebration.
It’s my birthday on 30th December.
The festival is on 15th March.
What do you do on Friday nights?
I’ll call you on Sunday.



When talking about months, years, seasons, time of day we use in :



In April…

In October…

In June…

In 1996…

In 2003…

In Spring…

In summer…

In Autumn…

In Winter…

In the morning…

In the afternoon…

In the evening…


It’s my birthday In April.
I’m going to Spain in June.
I’m going on holiday in Summer.
I was born in 1996.
My brother was born in 2003.
In the morning, I wake up and make my bed.
I am going to cook dinner in the evening.
I have an appointment in the afternoon at the doctors.
What are doing in the evening?
Are we going out for tea in the afternoon?



We do not use at/on/in before…

  • ..

  • ..

  • ..

  • ..


  • Are you going on holiday this weekend? (not …at/on/in this weekend)

  • What did you do last night? (not… at/on/in last night)

  • What are you doing next weekend? (not… at/on/in next weekend)

  • I have to go to the dentist every month. (not… at/on/in every month)


We use in for the future…

  • In a few days…

  • In two years…

  • In five minutes…

  • The train leaves in five minutes.

  • I have an appointment in a few days.

  • She has to go back to the hospital in a few months.



At 8 o’ clock, on Monday, in April Exercises..


  1. Fill in the missing gaps with the appropriate phrase.



Sundays                at 6pm             in the evening            on the weekend             Friday                  every morning

Saturdays            at 7 o’clock      Monday



_________________, from _______________ to _______________ I wake up _________________.

I have to wake up early because I work. I finish work _______________________.

________________________, I cook dinner for my family.

I don’t work _______________________ so I get to relax.

On ________________ I go to my mum’s house.

I don’t like __________________ because I know I have work the next morning.



  1. Complete the following sentences.


  • I wake up at _____________________________

  • I am going to sleep at ______________________

  • I have a dentist appointment at ______________

  • What are you doing at _____________________

  • I cannot answer his call at ___________________



  1. Complete the following sentences.


  • What are you doing on ____________________

  • I’m busy on _____________________________

  • My birthday is on ________________________

  • I’ll see you on ___________________________

  • I have a doctor’s appointment on ____________



  1. Complete the following sentences.


  • I’m going on holiday in ___________________

  • I was born in __________________________

  • My dad was born in _____________________

  • We’re going out for dinner in ______________

  • It’s very cold in __________________________



Challenge: Write down 3 sentences using in for the future.


Example: The train leaves in five minutes.



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