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Balanced Diet

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Balanced Diet

When we eat we have to make sure we get the correct amounts of each

component. The government recommends a carbohydrate, fruit and vegetable

all make two thirds of our diets.  The last thirds is made up of protein dairy

and fats.


The energy requirements of a person differ depending on

these three factors:

⇒   Gender

⇒   Age

⇒   Daily activity


When trying to assess how many calories you should be consuming, you

should always look at the side of food packets, as all the nutritional information

will be displayed.


For example, a man should be aiming for approximately 2600 kcal per day and

a women 2200kcal per day However complications can occur when you consume

to may calories than you burn or you consume less calories than you burn. This

can lead to either an overweight or underweight body.


The calories you consume must be consumed from all the nutrients mentioned

above, thus leading to a balanced diet.


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