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Bilal RA

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Kids Islamic stories – Bilal RA

A story of great patience & firmness in belief

Long, long ago, at the time of the Prophet PBUH, lived Hadhrat Bilal RA. 

Hadhrat Bilal RA was a young tall dark skinny slave in Makkah. He had a

cruel master by the name of Umayyah ibn Khalaf.


As time passed by, Bilal RA would sit and increasingly listen carefully to the

Prophet’s message of the Oneness of Allah. The Prophet’s message gave

Bilal RA hope. So, he gave up idol worshipping and became a Muslim.


This change made Bilal RA master very annoyed with him. So sadly, his

master turned awfully cruel towards him. He wanted Bilal RA to give up his

new faith and return to idol worshipping. Therefore, he punished Bilal RA for

his belief in the Oneness of Allah.


Bilal RA was pelted with stones. He was wildly whipped and beaten at night.

When one whipper would get tired another whipper would start. So they took

turns in whipping Bilal RA.


After receiving the severe cuts from the night’s slashers, he was made to lie

down on the hot burning midday sand of Arabia. Then, a huge heavy hot rock

would be placed on Bilal RA chest crushing him so that he could not move at



“Give up Islam or roast and die,” Umayyah ibn Khalaf would say. But even

after these sufferings, Bilal RA remained firm in his belief.


“Ahad” – the One (Allah). “Ahad” – The One (Allah), he would exclaim. They

could not break Bilal RA. Hearing the continual pain to Bilal RA, the  Prophet

PBUH asked the companions, “Is there anyone who can help free Bilal?”


Without a second to lose, Abu Bakr RA went to Ummayah bin Khaf to free

Bilal RA. He offered Abu Bakr RA ten gold coins.  Within seconds, Abu Bakr

RA rushed home and collected  ten golden coins to give to Ummayyah bin

Khaf. This purchase freed Bilal RA from slavery. 


“Even if you would have haggled me to one gold coin I would have sold Bilal

to you,” laughed Ummayyah ibn Khaf.


“I swear in the name of Allah, even if you would have haggled me to one

hundred golded coins, I would have paid it,” replied Abu bakar RA.


As time went by Bilal RA became closer and closer companion to the Prophet

PBUH. Seeing this closeness developing, people praised him for being close

to the Prophet PBUH. At each praise he lowered his gaze in modesty. 


Later, for every prayer led by the Prophet PBUH, he was nontenured to be

the first caller to the five daily prayers both at home and abroad. This was

until the Prophet PBUH died.


Upon the death of the Prophet PBUH, he left Madinah as he had too many

fond memories of the Prophet PBUH. The streets of Madinah would remind

Bilal RA of the Prophet PBUH. It was unbearable for Bilal RA. as he missed

the Prophet PBUH profoundly.


Until his death Bilal RA lived in solitude and later died at around the age of

63 years.


Why is this story interesting?

> This story is interesting because it shows Bilal RA close love for Allah. Even

    upon punishment he would not give up his belief in the Oneness of Allah.

> It also shows us how Bilal RA trusted and relied on the Almighty Allah in

    times of his severe struggles.

> It demonstrates to us how his patience, wisdom and firm trust in Allah allows

   the Almighty to put the kind thought in the mind of the Prophet PBUH to ask

   his companions to hep Bilal RA. 

> Abubakar RA offered to free Bilal RA. This story is a great source of

   inspiration as it shows Allah may use whoever he wants, whenever he wants

   to help the one who relies and trust in Him.

> The story of Bilal RA is profound as it teaches us that differences in race

   does not play a part in our human being on this planet. For example, Bilal RA

   got closer and closer to the Prophet PBUH regardless of his race.