Selfish People: Watch out for people possessing a very peculiar trait of putting their needs first.

Watch out for people possessing a very peculiar and common trait of always putting their needs first. These people are called….. Their priorities, their goals and their desires come on the forefront as they live for themselves, never thinking of others, who may be far more needy than themselves. Seeing others as a means to […]

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If you don’t know where you are, a map won’t help

Let yourself know where you stand in your life because it will save you prodding along aimlessly. When you don’t know where you  are on the map of your life, then you won’t know which road to take. What if I don’t plan my way properly? You risk losing your way. When you have a chaotic […]

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It’s easy to end up worrying about being innumerate

Motivation to become numerate People think they are either numerate or innumerate. Numeracy is specific skills, experiences, and knowledge that is required to read the numbers and not about whether you are numerate or innumerate. By practising, we grow these skills in a certain field. You can be numerate in counting your shop takings, but […]

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GCSE, AQA board, Question 5, Model answer, writing an article in a magazine

NOV15/ENGA1H – Question 5: Write an article for your school or college magazine which describes a situation you experienced which was exciting, but also scary, and explain how you dealt with it. Jubilant Jeep Safari. Wonderful Water fights. Scorching Sunshine. The tremendous Turkey adventure. Or so it seemed… Sunday 7th August 2016. The jeeps lined […]

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To excel, tap into children’s capacity to Learn

When parents are devoted to the education and development of their children, then they are tapping into the part of a brain which will help them in adult life. Your children will develop the “intellectual skills” to build a future for themselves in later years because in a rapidly changing and fragmented globe, where so […]

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Personal Goals: The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do

Choosing a course and career. Good strategy should emerge out of analysis of your personal-self, and your personal-goals. Think about your strengths and weaknesses, what opportunities are out there for you, and whether these aren’t just short-term booming opportunities. For example, after I graduated in 1996, between 1998 and 2000, there was huge demand for […]

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AQA English GCSE model answer, question 4

GCSE ENGLISH/ENGLISH LANGUAGE: Higher Tier Unit 1, Understanding and producing non-fiction Question 4: Compare the ways in which language is used for effect in the two texts.  Give some examples and analyse the effects. The language used in Source 2 contributes to the creation of a playful and light hearted tone. For example, the use of […]

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Education: Why is there a stark difference between American and British Muslims?

In 2009, the Wall Street Journal described U.S Muslims as “role” models, for Muslims in Britain and the rest of the world. Assimilation Why is there a stark difference between American and British Muslims? American Muslims are hopeful, affluent and better assimilated into American society, whilst the other feels marginalised. Differences in origin & education Dominated by South […]

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Fake News: When did we forget how to be humans?

When did we forget how to be humans? Humans best power is humanity, not products. With every empire, the value of wealth becomes more important than valuing each other. With every empire, good intentions of bringing religious light crumbles into corruption and satanic darkness: greed, cheat and lies becomes the game of play to control huge […]

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Family culture is a way in which members of the family solve problems

Families build up a sense of identity through tradition, history and structure. This identity is kept alive through the family culture: its rules, roles, rituals, activities, beliefs, legends, values, meanings, norms and languages. Family culture determines how things are done in the family but can change through the cycle of life such as marriage, separation, […]

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