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The blood contains many components. The main component of blood is red

blood cells, they help carry oxygen. They have a very large surface area and

contain hemoglobin, which binds to the oxygen and also makes the blood

cell appear red.


The blood also has white blood cells. They are used for defense against

disease; they roam the body and ingest or engulf any foreign microorganisms.


Platelets in the blood help to clot the blood when there is an injury, which

prevents large blood loss The liquid that carries everything in the blood is

called plasma.Plasma is a pale straw-colored liquid and can contain molecules

 such as glucose, carbon dioxide, urea, hormones etc.


When problem occur in the body and blood is lost, blood can be given to the

person through a blood transfusion to keep them alive.


If the arteries become blocked, then stents can be places within the arteries

to keep them open and prevent the artery becoming blocked.


If an artery becomes blocked, then blood will stop flowing to the heart and

therefore a heart attack will occur.


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