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concealingcover, hide, mask, screen, veilTo hide or keep hidden from sight.

He concealed the birthday gift so that it would be a surprise.

observingwatchto watch with care.

The Doctor observed the patient.

 valiantly brave, courageous, doughty, greathearted,valorous Showing courage in both spirit and action; brave; heroic.

It is a story of valiant knights and noble deeds.

 possessions goods, property when you own something.

Hamza has many possession besides his house.

 perplexed puzzled, confused, baffled to puzzle, confuse, or cause uncertainty in the mind of (a person).

Mr Hussain’s complicated instructions were not at all useful; they only perplexed me.

 ornate fancy when something has a lot of decoration; fancy.

Sara wore an ornate dress covered with beautiful golden designs and pearls.

 determined decide, fix, set, settle, work to decide or set or aim.

I am determined to pass my Heckmondwike Grammar exams

 bundle bunch, pack a number of things that you tie or wrap together so you can carry them.

Mohammad brought a bundle of flowers.

 prevention anticipation, the act or process of preventing.

Exercise can play an important role in the prevention of poor health in later years.