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Bond, Paper, set 1 Questions Paper 2a

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1kilta plaid wool skirt that has pleats. Kilts are worn by men in Scotland.  
2enshroudedto cover or wrap; shroud.Fog enshrouded the forest.cloak, sheet, wrap 
2shackleda metal band or one of a pair of metal rings used to bind the wrist or ankle of a prisoner or animal. We could hear the clanking of the prisoners’ shackles as they were marched into the yard.fetter, iron, manacle 
 shackledsomething that impedes freedom of thought or action.
barrier, fetter
2shrieka loud shrill cry of fear, joy, or surprise.scream, squeal 
3inaugurate to put in office with an official ceremony.



They inaugurated the new president.


to start or cause to start formally.


The Pathfinder’s landing on Mars inaugurated a new era of space exploration.

 crown establish, initiate, institute, introduce, launch 
 Dismiss to send away or allow to go away.




You must stay in your seats until the teacher dismisses class.


to remove from a job; fire.


The company dismissed twenty workers.



 releasedischarge, fire assembleemploy, engage, hire
 inspired to stimulate or influence (someone to do something) by stirring the emotions.


My mother’s kindness inspired me to write a book about her.The captain’s bravery inspired the crew to face the storm without fear.


to cause to happen.


His speech inspired a revolt.

 challenge, fire, invite, kindle provoke 
 auxiliary serving as an extra means of support; additional.


The hospital has an auxiliary power generator.

 additional, extra 
4flamboyant exceptionally showy or dashing in one’s speech, manner, or appearance.


The popular and flamboyant entertainer reveled in his gaudy costumes and rhinestone-studded piano.

 dashing, showy, theatrical discreet, modest
 bloomingthe state or time of being in blossom.


Many flowers are in bloom during the spring.


 a flower; blossom.

 a flower; blossom. 
 flaming the mixture of burning gas and vapor that rises from an object that is on fire. Flame is seen as brightly colored, flickering light. blaze, fire, flare, flash, gleam, light, spark 
5scant barely enough; very little.


After weeks of hiding in the hills from the sheriff, the outlaw’s supply of food had become scant.


just short of a certain measure.


I use a scant teaspoon of sugar in my tea.


 bare, deficient, incomplete, short, spare 
 scarce in short supply.


Food was scarce during the war.

 inadequate, insufficient, meager, short abundant, plentiful
11rubble Pieces of broken rock, brick, or other material.


After the war, nothing was left of the town but rubble.

 debris, wreckage, trash  
 dismay to trouble or upset the hopes of.


It dismayed her to see her best friend making fun of her.

 disillusion, distress, disturb, trouble, upset, worry 
 massage a treatment of the body that involves rubbing and kneading to help the blood circulate better and to relax muscles.to treat by rubbing the body; give a massage to.


She massaged my back.


 debris scattered pieces left after something has been destroyed.


A pile of debris was all that remained after the fire.

 rubble, ruins, wreckage 
13grave very serious or important; causing deep concern.


Driving fast on the icy road placed him in grave danger.The Civil War was a grave event in the nation’s history.

 critical, crucial, momentous, serious trivial
 etching a print made by using an etched metal plate.to create a picture, design or lettering on a hard surface such as glass or metal by removing parts of the surface with acid.


The artist etched a picture of a tree.




 punctual on time; prompt.


It is important to be punctual for a job interview.

 prompt late, tardy
14Languid lacking or not showing strength, energy, or spirit; weak, slow, or listless.


He lay on the sofa in a languid manner, sipping from a cup of tea.The expression in her eyes was languid, and she seemed to have lost the will to live.

 enervated, lethargic, listless chipper, energetic, vivacious
 hasty fast or quick; hurried.



Seeing he was in the wrong room, he made a hasty exit.


too quick or careless.


He did a hasty job on his homework and made several mistakes.

fast, hurried, quick, rapid, swiftrash
 Leisurely unhurried; slow.


We walked at a leisurely pace.

 easy, relaxed, unhurried brisk, hectic, hurried
15friendly welcoming and pleasant toward others.


I try to be friendly toward people I don’t like.Our town is a friendly place.

 affable, amiable, pleasant, warm belligerent, gruff, hostile, icy, ill, stern, unfriendly
 dense having parts very close together with little space between.


This brown bread is so dense that one slice can really fill you up.

 compact, compressed, thick thin
 agitated to cause to move in a quick, tumbling motion or with force; shake.


A washing machine works by agitating the clothes.


The wind blowing through the open window agitated the curtains.


to upset or excite.


The loud noises agitated the horse.

 disturb, excite, fluster, inflame, shake, shock,trouble, upset calm, lull, soothe, still
 topical in medicine, of, pertaining to, or designed for a particular part of the body.




a topical ointment


of or pertaining to subdivisions of a written work.


a topical outline

 impoverished to make poor; cause to live in poverty.


The drought impoverished the agricultural population.Their father’s loss of work impoverished the family.

 enrich enrich
 frantic very excited by worry or fear; frenzied.


The child became frantic when he couldn’t find his parents in the crowded mall.

 desperate, wild calm
 16 superfluous being beyond a sufficient amount; excessive.

This paragraph is superfluous and could easily be eliminated.


not required; unnecessary.


 excess, redundant, surplusdispensable, inessential, needless, nonessential,unessential, unnecessary, unneeded deficientessential, indispensable, necessary
  enclosure a space that is surrounded, or something that surrounds.

They keep their dogs in an enclosure.


The carpenters are making an enclosure for the yard.

something sent in an envelope along with a letter.


He sent an enclosure of money along with the letter to his family.

 bound, boundary, cage, fold, wall, yard toil, tramp, trudge
  plodded to move in a slow, tired, or heavy way.

She plodded up the stairs to bed.

 toil, tramp, trudge slave, toil



21woefulllyunhappy or sorrowful.

 miserable, mournful, sorrowful, unhappy,wretched cheerful, joyful
  inadequate not enough; not good enough.

She brought an inadequate amount of food to the picnic.He failed the test because his answers were inadequate.

 deficient, insufficient, lacking, short, unsatisfactory adequate, enough, good, satisfactory, sufficient
  policy a set of rules or a plan that is used as a guide for action.

The library policy lets people borrow books for two weeks at a time.

 platform, practice, program, strategy, system 
 22 specific pertaining to a particular thing or person and to nothing else of the same kind; particular.

The four of diamonds is a specific card in the deck.Did you have a specific person in mind when you bought that gift?

 definite, particular generic
  compound made up of two or more parts or elements.

Water is a compound substance made up of hydrogen and oxygen.
having to do with a word made up of two or more parts, or a sentence made up of two or more main clauses.

“Housefly” is a compound word made up of the words “house” and “fly.”

something made up of two or more parts or elements.

 complex, composite, consolidated, mixed,multiple complex, multiple
 23 scour to clean by rubbing hard.

The cook scoured the copper pots.

to remove by rubbing hard.

They had to scour the dirt from the old bathtub.


 scrape, scrub 
  solutionthe act or process of solving a problem or question.

The solution to the puzzle took us several hours.


the process in which one substance spreads evenly through another.

  portion a part of a whole.

He read a portion of the book.

to divide or to give out parts of something.

We portioned the pizza so that everyone got a slice.

 division, fraction, part, percentage, piece,segmentallot, divide, parcel 
  combination the result of an act of combining; things that are brought together or combined.

The soup was a combination of chicken and vegetables.


 assortment, blend, mixture 
  scrapped a small bit, such as a piece left over or thrown away.

I picked up a scrap of paper.They tossed scraps of bread to the ducks.

to throw away because useless or without value.

He scrapped the old computer that did not work anymore.


 shredjettison, junk 

keep, preserve

 24 gasped