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Types of Chemical Reactions


There are several types of common chemical reactions that you need to know.

With some reactions you can’t be sure if you’ve made the right product,

especially if the product is a colorless gas like carbon dioxide, so you also

need to know how to test for its presence.


Metal-Acid Reactions

As in acid-base reactions, a metal-acid reaction will create a salt. However,

water will not be produced and hydrogen will be produced.


metal + acid               salt + hydrogen


If we use sulfuric acid and zinc as our examples, this would be the word



zinc + sulfuric acid      zinc sulfate + hydrogen


In order to test for the presence of the hydrogen (it’s a colorless gas), we

have to place a lit splint inside the test tube, as soon as the reaction is over.

There should be a ‘squeaky pop’ sound. If we wait too long, the gas will have

escaped and there will be no sound.


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