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Did you know Private tutoring is an unregulated industry?

Did you know anyone can offer themselves as a Tutor without any formal


Did you know you can offer tutoring without safety checks?

Then why gamble?


Welfare of Your Child is Paramount

At Improve Tuition with respect to child protection and child safeguarding are

based on:  the important concerns for the welfare of children, always placing

the interest of children higher than the interests of staff, ensuring that child

protection is a matter that is central to the training and awareness and

understanding of all our tutors.


DBS Checks

If uncertain, we take a precautionary approach to applicants and will always

put child safety as an overriding concern. That’s why, all our tutors that offer

tuition at our centers and have a face to face connection with children are

interviewed personally, a CV and reference verification process is in place as

well as an enhanced safety check or DBS is made. 


We take Child Protection Most Seriously

We ensure tutoring is conducted in rooms where there are other adults present

in the room, or at the least the door is open so that tutors and children can be

seen and heard. We take child protection with exceptional high regard.


100% – helpful – safe tutoring 

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