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Children: Transforming Learning in Bradford

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Transforming Learning in Bradford

At Improve Tuition, we help Bradford pupils transform learning to and beyond

your own expectations, beyond your school targets. We work closely with

members, Bradford schools and parents and recognise that they lay the

foundation for continuous improvement. We work on pupils’ attitudes and

behaviour, thereby ensuring children have the ability to eventually change



We focus on five main areas:

>   Learning Experience: We help our members to transform their learning

     experience journeys creating a perspective that allows children to work on

     what really matters and how we can    help pupils improve grades.

>   Mind-sets. We aim of transforming pupil’s mind-sets and work behaviors

     to ensure our advised approaches stick for the long-term. Our tutors

     develop mind-sets so that you more effectively meet pupils’ needs, making

     you more confident. Our proven tutoring methodology, tutoring tools and

     tuition techniques quickly brings many of our members to esteem success.

     Each tuition solution is tailored to the pupils’ specific needs to ensure we

     always deliver impact in every session.

>   Learning Care. We follow children’s tuition and school targets closely. We

     use Advanced Analytics and IT-enablement capabilities to build child

     capabilities quickly.


Sajid Patel is a tutor for Improve Tuition Bradford. He has

tutoring experience specifically within the education industry.