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Learning objectives – to learn how the greenhouse effect is affecting the

                                            climate. The greenhouse effect can heat up the

                                            earth, which can have many serious effects:


The sea will get warmer which will cause ice caps to melt and thus expanding

the oceans, this will cause the sea levels to rise whichwill risk flooding to low

– lying countries.


Global warming has changed weather patterns. This means that certain parts

of the world will suffer more extreme weather for example, extreme hot

weather, causing droughts or very windy, tropical weather creating hurricanes



The change of weather can also affect plants and animals. Some species,

which cannot survive in extreme weather, may die out where as those which

can may thrive and population may increase.


Biodiversity may be reduced as more plants and animals become extinct.


There may be change in migration patterns in animals due to the weather

changes. There are a lot of debates as to whether the climate change

theory is true or not.


Scientist collects their data through a number of methods.

Satellites can be used to monitor snow and ice levels; they can also be used

to measure temperature of the sea.


The temperature and speed of ocean currents are also measured Automatic

weather stations record atmospheric temperatures.


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