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Learning objectives – to understand how drugs work and how they are

                                          used by people a drug is a chemical substance that

                                          alters the working of the human body, this can come

                                          in the form of medication which alters the body in a

                                          positive way, or a recreational drug which will alter

                                          the body in a negative way.


There are many different types of drugs:

Type of drugEffect on bodyExample
PainkillerIt blocks nervous impulses sent from the brain to stop pain being feltparacetamol
Performance enhancerHelps you perform better in sport by improving your muscle strengthAnabolic steroids
DepressantSlows down brain activityalcohol
StimulantActivates nervous impulses and increases brain activityCaffeine
HallucinogenicAlters you brain activity and makes you things that aren’t really thereLSD


Stimulants and depressants work on the chemical messengers known as the

neurotransmitters, which travel between the neurons in the space called



By altering the neurotransmitters it affects how fast the impulse can travel

around the body.


Stimulants will increase the amount of neurotransmitters present where as

depressants stop neurotransmitters from binding to thenext neurone.


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