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Classification of Drugs

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Classification of Drugs

There are certain drugs which are legal and other drugs which are illegal.

Most drugs used for medication purposes are legal but have to be prescribed

from the doctor to prevent misuse.


Illegal drugs are classed from A to C. Class A drugs are the most dangerous

and come with the highest penalty in the face of the law.


Before drugs can be releases on the market they have to be tested to ensure

there are no side effects and to make sure that they work.


There are three stages of testing First they are tested in lab and tests are

completed on a computer to ensure they can move onto the next stage.


The next stage of testing is moving onto animals. They test on animals to

ensure that there are no side effects and to ensure the drug actually works

on a small scale.


The final stage is testing on human volunteers. This stage is usually called 

clinical trials. They initially test on healthy volunteers then move on to those 

affected by the disease.


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