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Cloning has been used in animals and plants. In plants it is a more common

method to regrow and reproduce many plants. One of the methods is called



Cuttings involve taking a cut piece from a plant and replanting it elsewhere

which will genetically reproduce the parent plant.


Another method is tissue culture; this involves taking a few plant cell sand

allowing them to grow in a growth medium with hormones. This allows them

to grow very quickly in a short space.


Animals can also be cloned using a variety of methods. Farmers use the

method of getting a sperm cell from the prized bull and an egg cell from the

cow. Once these two cells fuse together from a cluster of cells, they are

then separated forming clone cells. These cells are then implanted in other

cows until they are ready to give birth.


This method is known as embryo transplants. Another method is adult cell

cloning in which an adult egg cell is taken and the nucleus is removed.


The nucleus from another adult cell is then taken and added to that egg cell.

The egg cell complete with a new set of DNA is then given an electric shock

to allow it to divide.

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