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Food webs also demonstrate his level of competition within organisms. For

example the mouse, grasshopper and the rabbit are all competing for the

grass, if one organism eats more then there is less for the others.


Animals and plants also compete for water, space and habitats in order to

survive In a food web, changes in a population of certain organisms can 

impact the rest of the food web. A major example is if the population of grass

dramatically decreased, that would mean less food for the primary consumers

and thus the population of the primary consumers will decrease and this will

affect the secondary consumers and the tertiary consumers also. This process

is known as interdependence.


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Pyramids of number


The pyramid of numbers highlights how many organisms are present at each

level. Each level is called a trophic level. As we move up each trophic level

the energy is lost. Energy is lost to the surroundings in a number of ways.


The most common way of energy loss is through movement.


As organisms move they consume energy and therefore less is passed on.

Also as organisms respire energy is lost to the environment in the form of



The pyramid illustrates how there is a lot of grass and it is eaten by many

grasshoppers. There are less snakes but they eat more grasshoppers and

the same applies to the eagles.


However all pyramids are not symmetrical and can come in other shapes.




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