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Creating and separating mixtures


Mixtures contain different substances which are not chemically bonded 

together. They can be made in many different ways and separated back to

their original components as well. In this info sheet, we’ll discuss two ways to

make mixtures: dissolving and diffusion.


Dissolving happens when the particles of a solid substance are mixed

thoroughly between the particles of a liquid substance so that you can no 

longer see the solid. This could happen, for example, by stirring sugar into water.

This can only happen if the solid is soluble. Some solids would never dissolve

in a liquid, no matter how much stirring you did!


The solid that dissolves is referred to as the solute and the liquid in which it is

dissolved is called the solvent. Only a certain amount of solute can be

dissolved in a fixed amount of solvent. The end product is called a solution.



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