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Differences in Elementary, Middle & High School parent Conferences

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Parent Teacher meeting

Research shows, parents are more likely to attend Elementary school parent-

teacher meetings, and there is useful research which shows it lays the

foundation for your attitude towards parents-meetings in the future.


Middle School – ages 10 to 14

Middle school parent conferences will be the fast pace discussion as you

could be potentially meeting anything from 3 to 6 teachers meeting them from

one classroom to another. Research shows that many parents often stop

attending parent meetings but it’s as important to keep the lines of good

communication open establishing and maintaining a sound rapport in the same

way as you may have done in elementary school. Children have only one

chance at middle school, age passes so it’s important you stay interested in

your child’s learning.


High School

Your children may not like you attending parent’s evenings at this age but a

parent-teacher face to face conference meetings allow opportunities for good

communications. Yes, it does get intimidating but your motivation and support

is needed. At High school grades start to be formally registered and this help

children access into college, university and career. You need to be there for

your child.


Building a face-to-face meetings is an opportunity for both you and the teacher

to partner to understand and support your child and his academic and social

development. It is even more likely in high school than in middle school for

your child to be invited to the conference, and you should encourage your

child to join and participate in the discussion.