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Diffusion is the movement of particles from one place to another. Diffusion

usually occurs in both gases and liquids, as those particles are free to move

around. A common type of diffusion occurs in gases, as one set of gas

particles will move from one area to another. The gas particles move from an

area of high concentration to an area of low concentration.This explained in

the diagram below.




In the left compartment there are more blue dots than red dots, therefore the

blue dots have a higher concentration In the right compartment there are less

blue dots than the left compartment so the blue dots move from left to right to

even out the numbers. The bigger the difference in concentration, the faster

the diffusion rate.


Cell membranes help with the diffusion process. Cell membranes not only

help keep the structure of the cells, but also control what moves in and out.

The cell membranes have tiny holes, which allow small particles such as

oxygen to pass through, but they do not large particles such as protein to

pass through. That is why proteins have to be broken down into smaller

articles such as amino acids.

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