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Be/have/do in present and past tenses

be (= am/is/are/was/were) + verb ending in ing




I’m trying to concentrate.
It is snowing.
What are you doing tomorrow?
Is she going swimming?
I was sleeping when Emily came to the house.
Thomas wasn’t crying.
What were you doing yesterday when I came to your house?


be + past participle

am/is/are + past participle (= passive present simple)

was/were + past participle (=passive past simple)




I am never allowed to have sleepovers at my house.
Lemonade is made from lemons.
The bedrooms are cleaned every day.
My laptop was repaired yesterday.
She was caught stealing.
The churches were built a decade ago.
Was the bill paid?
Were you born in the 1990s?


have/has + past participle (=present perfect)




I have cleaned my bedroom.
She has cooked dinner for the family.
They have washed the dishes.
Mum has booked our holiday
Has she done her homework?
Where have the kids gone?


do/does/did + infinitive

do/does + infinitive (=present simple)

did + infinitive (= past simple)




I don’t like cleaning up.
He doesn’t eat from fast food takeaways.
Dad does go to the supermarket often.
She did do her homework.
What time did Eastenders come on yesterday?


Be/have/do in present and past tenses Exercises..


  1. Use the words given to create your own present and past continuous sentences.


  • (am/working) _____________________________________________________________________

  • (is/cooking) _______________________________________________________________________

  • (are/cleaning) _____________________________________________________________________

  • (was/brushing) ____________________________________________________________________


  1. Fill in the missing gaps appropriate verbs ending in -ing.

  • Dad is __________________. He went to bed very late.

  • We are hungry. Mum is ___________________ sandwiches for us.

  • It is cold. It is _____________________ a lot.

  • Rosie was ___________________________ yesterday because she got hurt.

  • They were _________________________ because they were late.



  1. Complete the sentences so that they are in the form of: have/has + participle to form present perfect sentences.


  • I have ______________________________________________________________

  • She has _____________________________________________________________

  • We have _____________________________________________________________

  • Mum has _____________________________________________________________


  1. Choose the appropriate phrase to fit into the missing gaps.


don’t do         don’t like          does live             doesn’t go           does go

  • I like iced coffee, but I ____________ normal coffee.

  • They often _____________their homework.

  • She _________________ out a lot.

  • Kevin _________________ to the supermarket very often.

  • He _____________ all alone.



Challenge: create 3 passive present simple and 3 passive past simple sentences.


  • _____________________________________________________________________________

  • _____________________________________________________________________________

  • _____________________________________________________________________________

  • _____________________________________________________________________________

  • _____________________________________________________________________________

  • ______________________________________________________________________________


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