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Economy: We need Graduates

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Economy: We need Graduates

It is evident that education plays a crucial role in tomorrow’s economy.

Already, a large proportion of the fastest-growing careers require

education further than an A ‘levels, with science, technology, and

engineering careers noticeably high on the list. Unfortunately, post

16 education aren’t preparing sufficient students for these occupations.

Today, the UK has one of the lowest dropout rates in Europe but those

joining higher education as a percentage of population is low.

Yet in today’s world, where technology is advancing, higher education

increasingly represents the entry ticket to rewarding careers. A

startling figure of 26% require a degree qualification which means

if you don’t go to University a quarter of the jobs are inaccessible.

In today’s world, our young graduates will contend against the

cleverest people from across the globe including India and China.

But in today’s world, the United Kingdom must educate its population.

As Gulam Dabhad has said, “It is our generation’s duty to rekindle the

true engine of the UK economic growth—an expanding, flourishing

and prosperous middle class.” Rekindling up that economic engine

depends on education that prepares children for University that

makes them to think innovatively to grow and make a living.

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