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FAQ – Eton Application

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What does the Eaton Assessment entail?

The Eton assessment involves an interview, a reasoning test and a report from

the child’s current school.


When should I register for the Eton Assessment?

Boys must be registered by the age of 10 years 6 months at the latest.


Is there a deadline for the Eton assessment?

Yes. There is a firm deadline. Contact, T +44 (0)1753 370613 E admissions@etoncollege.org.uk or Click here to request a registration form.


How much does it cost to register for Eton?

The registration fee of £300 is payable and is noon-refundable.


How does Eton select its pupils?

Eton selects it’s pupil through academic ability. Children take the Common

Entrance Examination or the Eton examination for candidates from the

maintained sector or the King’s Scholarship.


When are conditional places offered?

Conditional Places are offered for entry at the age of 13 subject to a satisfactory

performance in either the Common Entrance Examinations or King’s Scholarship assessments.


What are the chances for number of boys with conditional places

to gain admission?

It is unusual for a child with Conditional Places to subsequently fail to qualify at 13.


Do you offer tours of Eton before I apply?

Tours and briefings for parents and boys take place regularly through the year,

and are arranged through the Admissions Office on +44 (0)1753 370615 or



What happens after my boy achieves a conditional place?

After being offered a conditional place, your boy must then pass the Common

Entrance Examination for Eton at age 13 to secure their place. In the more

challenging King’s Scholarship examination boys must do relatively well.


Does my child birth date affect when my child sits the Eton


Yes. Assessment takes place at Eton during Year 6 (in UK school years), close

to the boy’s 11th birthday. September to February are assessed in the Autumn

Term, and March to August birthdays in the Summer Term.


How will I know when my child is to sit the assessment?

The Admissions Office writes to parents to arrange a date for Assessment.


What does Eton ask your boy’s current school?

Eton requests a report is then requested from the boy’s present school, covering

the range of his interests and talents as well as his academic credentials.


What are the requirement for international boys who are due to

be assessed at Eton from September 2015?

Candidates sit the UKiset assessment provided by Gabbitas at least three months

before the term in which they are due to sit the Eton assessment.


Why does Eton have the UKiset tests?

To ensure that only those candidates invited for assessment are of an appropriate

standard. It is a filter to save you the time and money involved in a wasted trip to Eton.


What happens when my child overseas passes the UKiset tests?

The Eton Admissions Office will invite these boys who score sufficiently well in the

UKiset for formal assessment at Eton. Contact the Admissions Office for further details


Where can I get pass Eton papers from?

Click onto www.galorepark.co.uk for past Eton papers.

This information was derived from the Eton College website. We do not take

responsibility and you must check their website to ensure nothing has changed.


Where can I get the Eton Common Entrance details?

The Independent Schools Examination Board

The Pump House

16 Queen’s Avenue



BH23 1BZ

UK +44 (0)1202 487538

F +44 (0)1202 473728

E enquiries@iseb.co.uk www.iseb.co.uk


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