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Fossil fuels

Fossil fuels refer to crude oil, coal and natural gas,which were created over

millions of years from the remains of dead animals and plants. As they take

so long to be made, they cannot be replenished, which is why they are  

non-renewable. They are finite,which means we only have a limited supply

of them as well.


By burning the fossil fuels, we can use their energy for many different things:

electricity, heat, running cars etc.


Crude Oil

Crude oil is a very thick liquid that human can extract from deep under- ground

by building a well. Once the crude oil is extracted, it is separated into lots of

different types of oil that it is made up of. These different oils can be used for

many things: some may be used as fuel in cars, boats and airplanes; others

may be  used as camping gas. Initially, crude oil was created from the remain

of dead marine animals, which sunk to the bottom of the sea and were buried

under layers of sediment.

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