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Study Guide : Graphs of Quadratic functions

Learner Guide



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Graphs of Quadratic functions

L.O-To be able to draw graphs of quadratic functions using tables of values

and being able to solve quadratic equation using graphs.

A quadratic graph has an xterm in its equation. For example y= xand

y= x2 +6x-4 are both quadratic functions. These graphs always have the same

characteristic shape called a parabola. Quadratic graphs are drawn from

tables of values as shown below;




We can use quadratic graphs to solve various equations.



1. Use the graph of y=3x2 +x+2 to find the x values when y is 16.

  1. The graph y=3x2 +x+2 is drawn using a table of values. The table
  2. of values shown above was used to construct this graph. The graph
  3. is also shown above.

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