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Hadhrat Abu Jandal and Hadrat Abu Basir

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Paper 2


The loyal truce

The Poem of Hadhrat Abu Jandal and

Hadhrat Abu Basir (Radhiyallaho anhu)


When the Beloved left Madina

To perform the Blessed

They (Qureysh) heard the news

And chose to refuse.



The Sahaba cruised

Were ready to bruise.

The matter was viewed

And a treaty was accrued.


The conditions were construed

They were infused and so confused

As the captives in Makkah

Had freedoms reduced.


A bitter pill,

For the Sahabah to swallow

And to follow.



Before the signing

A Muslim in Makkah

Escaped the truce.


Father (a non-Muslim then) insisted

But the son resisted

Counting his hardships

Undermining his guardship.




The Father  pleaded

The Leader weeded

But then proceeded

Praying to Allah

To open the way

For the Muslim son.


After the truce,

Another (Abu Basir) raced

And so he too escaped

To Madina.



The honoured Leader did not delay

And spoke to the envoy

And returned the mislaid

To his rightful place.


Honouring his word

To the mislaid – dismay.


But again,

He managed his escape

In a foolish-way

As he was afraid

And claimed they may

Forsake his way.



The Leader blamed

So the foolish fled his way,

And stayed away

Where no treaty

Was in his way.



A team was made

Of fugitives

And punitive.



A nuisance they became

So the Qureysh were inflamed

For the fugitives to abstain.


So the Leader ordained

For the fugitives to return to Madina

So that they may cause no more pain

For the caravans that came.



But the ordained

Abu Basir

Never made it to the domain.




1. What is a truce?


2. Why were the Sahaba unhappy with the truce?


3. Who was the Beloved?


4. The poet describes the treaty as a “A bitter pill for the Sahabah to swallow”. What does he mean by this?


5. Give meaning of the following words?





6. What is meant by the phrase “The conditions were construed”? Why is this significant?


7. What evidence is there that the truce was signed after Abu Jandal escaped?


8. Describe two thoughts that the poet wanted the readers to think when reading the poem. Use one piece of evidence to support your answer?



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