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Have you ever? (present perfect 3)

When you ask questions with ‘Have you ever…?’ you’re asking the person if they’ve ever done the action in past until now.


We use the present perfect = have/had + past participle.


E.g Have you ever been to America? (This is asking if you have ever been to America in the past until now)

E.g Have you been to America? (This is also asking if you have ever been to America in the past)




Have you been to Australia?
Have they read the Harry Potter books?
Have she seen the new James Bond movie?
Have you tried coco pops cereal?


We can use the present perfect + ever/never in questions.




Have you ever been horse riding?
Have they ever been swimming?
Have I ever travelled on a plane?
Have you never eaten bananas?
Have you never played netball?


Been and Gone

These are past tense verbs. These are used in the present perfect.




Thomas has gone on holiday to Portugal. (=Thomas is in Portugal right now)
Louise has gone to the supermarket. (=Louise is in the supermarket right now)
My sister has gone to Emma’s house. (=My sister is at Emma’s house right now)
Where has mum gone? (=where is mum right now?)
Granddad has been to America. (=Granddad went to America but, he is back now)
She has been to town. (=she went to town, but she’s back now)
They have been at their swimming lesson. (=They went to their swimming lesson but, they’re back now)
Where have you been? (=where did you go? where were you?)



Have you ever…? (present perfect 3) Exercises..


  1. Complete the following, making your own questions up.


  • Have I _________________________________________________________?

  • Have you _______________________________________________________?

  • Have we ________________________________________________________?

  • Have they _______________________________________________________?

  • Has she _________________________________________________________?

  • Has he __________________________________________________________?


  1. Complete the following conversation between Emma and Louise. Fill in the missing gaps with gone/been where appropriate.


Emma: ____________________________ your mum and dad?

Louise: _____________________________ to Pairs.

Emma: Have you ever _________________________?

Louise: No, _____________________.

Emma: _______ your brother ever ______________?

Louise: Yes, ________________________ to Paris before. He went with his friends



  1. Create 5 of your own questions starting with ‘have you ever….?’


  • _________________________________________________________________

  • _________________________________________________________________

  • _________________________________________________________________

  • _________________________________________________________________

  • _________________________________________________________________



 Challenge: Answer the following questions about yourself. Then ask different family members these questions. If you want, you can create some more questions for you to ask them.


  • Have you ever been to Australia? _____________________________________

  • Have you ever been horse riding? _____________________________________

  • Have you ever been to a theme park? __________________________________

  • Have you ever been on a safari? ______________________________________

  • Have you ever read a Charlotte Bronte book? ____________________________

  • Have you ever watched Eastenders? ___________________________________

  • Have you ever pretended to be ill? ____________________________________

  • Have you ever had an iPhone? _______________________________________

  • Have you ever eaten a whole pizza by yourself? _________________________


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