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Helpful Heckmondwike Grammar Admissions

Calendar for September 2016 Entry



> 23 June Open Evening

> 24 June Open Evening for Heckmondwike Grammar

> 3 July Closing date for submitting online registration form to HGS for

entrance examination

> 12 September Entrance examination Heckmondwike Grammar

> 15 October Target date for parents to be informed in writing by the school

whether their child has reached the standard required for selection. Parents

should note that this does not constitute the offer of a place since they must

apply to the LA by 30th October, and more children may have passed the

test than there are places available.

> 30 October Final date for submission of Common Application Form to

Kirklees LA. (NB parents who live outside Kirklees need to check their own Local

Authority submission date). 2016

> 1 March (TBC) Formal offer of places by LA (date to be confirmed by LA)

> 11 March (TBC) Closing date for acceptance of place (date to be confirmed by LA)

> 25 March Closing date for parents wishing to confirm to the school the desire to

maintain their child’s name on the waiting list

> 31 March (TBC) Waiting list places offered via the LA (date to be confirmed by LA)

> 4 April Closing date for notification of admission appeal

> 7 and 9 June (TBC) Introduction evenings for new parents and pupils

> 5 July (TBC) Induction day for new pupils (date to be confirmed)


To Register for the Heckmondwike Grammar

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