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How it Works

Improve Tuition is a private tuition company for children aged five to sixteen.

We offer a range of subjects from Maths, English and Science, at all levels f

rom SATs to GCSEs. Our tuition is available on a weekly or biweekly basis

all throughout the year. At Improve we have one clear mission: to help your

child achieve their full potential.
Our tutors at Improve Tuition are carefully hand picked for the four most

important qualities a good teacher can have: enthusiasm, knowledge, empathy

and friendliness. We know that children work best with motivated teachers and

that is what we are proud to provide at Improve Tuition.


An Improve Tutor:

● Assesses your child’s strengths and weaknesses
● Gets to know your child’s learning style
● Focuses on improving your child’s targets
● Gives ‘PEP’ talks to increase your child’s confidence
● Communicates feedback to the parent after each lesson
● Praises and uses reward schemes to motivate children
● Frequently revisits old work to check retention
● Regularly focuses on exam preparation
● Constantly looks for ways to help your child succeed


Fantastic Fun Tutors

Why are our tutors so helpful? We have tutors who are happy to teach and

support your children. We carefully recruit the very best talent, the high

achievers so that you know that you can place your trust in Improve Tuition.

Complemented by fantastic training and a low pupil to tutor ratio of just three

children to one tutor we aim to provide the best for your child. Tutors are 

innovative and adaptable, choosing appropriate teaching styles to maximise

your child’s improvement. Teaching is not fixed, we adjust and match it to

the capability of each child, so that each student receives teaching that is

pitched exactly at the right level but also challenging.


Supported by Superb Teaching Books and

IT Software

Alongside our tutors we have an excellent collection of teaching resources

to support each subject and age groups. These are revised regularly to

ensure that the service we deliver is as up to date as possible and in line

with the National Curriculum. Our resources are not fixed and we review them

regularly to make sure that they meet the diverse learning styles and

needs of our students.


In Partnership with Parents and Schools

We work hard to make sure that the parents are involved in their child’s tuition

journey. Regular feedback is given to the parents and we encourage parents

to get involved with their child’s learning. We know that good relationships

between parents, schools and tuition is essential and we encourage

communication so that here at Improve we can arrange the best way to help

each child. This partnership allows us to work in a team to improve your

child’s grades in the best way possible.


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