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I am doing (Present continuous)

The present continuous is when you have am/is/are + a verb ending in -ing.

This shows that the action/verb is happening now and is present.


Remember to check your spellings when you add -ing

run – running

swim- swimming

lie – lying

write – writing




PronounAuxiliary verb Example:
Iam-ingI am reading.
Heis-ingHe is sleeping.
SheIs-ingShe is eating.
Itis-ingIt is raining.
Weare-ingWe are going to the supermarket.
Youare-ingYou are wearing designer clothes.
They are-ingThey are working




PronounAuxiliary verb + negative Example:
Iam not-ingI am not running to grandma’s house.
Heis not / isn’t-ingHe is not wearing a watch.
Sheis not / isn’t-ingShe is not eating lunch at home.
Itis not  / isn’t-ingIt isn’t shining outside.
Weare not / aren’t-ingWe are not going to Tom’s house.
Youare not / aren’t-ingYou are not going shopping.
Theyare not / aren’t-ingThey are not playing in the garden.



I am doing (present continuous) Exercise..


  1. Fill in the gap with an appropriate verb/doing word ending in +ing.


  • It is 1 o clock in the afternoon and she is still ________________.

  • They are ____________ to the park with their friends.

  • I am __________ swimming.

  • You are not _____________ to me.

  • He is _____________ from 6 in the morning till 8 in the evening.

  • Mum is in the kitchen. She is ___________.

  • We are not __________ a sleepover.

  • Dad is ___________ at the bus stop.


2. Write your own present continuous sentences using the verb given.


  • Sleep _______________________________________________________________________

  • Play ________________________________________________________________________

  • Eat _________________________________________________________________________

  • Wear _______________________________________________________________________

  • Cook _______________________________________________________________________

  • Sit _________________________________________________________________________

  • Cry _________________________________________________________________________

  • Wash ______________________________________________________________________

  • Listen ______________________________________________________________________

  • Read _______________________________________________________________________

  • Smile _______________________________________________________________________

  • Snow _______________________________________________________________________


3. Fill in the missing gaps about Saarah.


Saarah  ______   _________  on the sofa. _________   ___________ dinner. ___________   _____________ pizza and chips. Saarah is also _____________  television whilst _______________.

After dinner…

Saarah’s  not  ____________ to her mum. _______   not _________ her mum with the _______________.


Challenge: Every time you do an action, write it down. See how many present continuous sentences you come up with of the actions you do on a daily basis.


Example: I am brushing my teeth. I am eating breakfast.

You should be able to come up with at least 50.




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