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I didn’t… Did you…? (past simple negative and questions)

I didn’t… Did you…? (past simple negative and questions)


Infinitive verbPositive (past simple)Example
WalkI walkedI walked to the post office.
PlayWe playedWe played tennis in the tennis court.
ImproveYou improvedYou improved your homework.
EatThey ateThey ate fish and chips for lunch.
SleepHe sleptHe slept very late last night.
JumpShe jumpedShe jumped over the fence.
ComeIt cameIt came in the post.



Infinitive verbNegativeExample
WalkI didn’t walkI didn’t walk to school.
PlayWe didn’t playWe didn’t play football in the football court.
ImproveYou didn’t improveYou didn’t improve your handwriting.
EatThey didn’t eatThey didn’t eat breakfast.
SleepHe didn’t sleepHe didn’t sleep until 1am.
JumpShe didn’t jumpShe didn’t jump on the trampoline.
ComeIt didn’t comeIt didn’t come in the post.



QuestionIntransitive verbExample:
Did I?WalkDid I walk to school yesterday?
Did we?PlayDid we play in the park last Saturday?
Did you?ImproveDid you improve your English essay?
Did they?EatDid they eat all the sweets?
Did he?SleepDid he sleep early?
Did she?JumpDid she jump on the sofa?
Did it?ComeDid it come in the post?



For past simple negative sentences and for questions…

We use the intransitive present tense verb form not the past tense verb.

This is because, in past simple negatives ‘did not’ consists of ‘did’ which is the irregular past tense verb for ‘to do’. In questions, the question begins with ‘did…’.

The use of ‘did’ makes it aware to people that it is past simple.


Do/does – present

Did – past


I don’t go to town very often. (=present simple)

I didn’t go to town yesterday. (=past simple)

I don’t watch television. (=present simple)

I didn’t watch television last weekend. (=past simple)

Does she go to the supermarket every day? (=present simple)

Did she go to the supermarket yesterday? (=past simple)

Does Tom eat at Pizza Hut? (=present simple)

Did Tom eat at Pizza Hut yesterday? (=past simple)


Word Order

did + subject + infinitive

Did you eat lunch?

you = subject

eat = infinitive

Did you eat lunch?

she = subject

say = infinitive

Did you eat lunch?

your sister = subject

study = infinitive


Short answers:

  • Yes, I/we/you/they/he/she/it

  • No, I/we/you/they/he/she/it didn’t.



QuestionShort Answer
Did you go to school yesterday?Yes, I did.
Did they eat dinner?No, they didn’t.
Did we play in the park last weekend?Yes, we did.
Did she study in America?Yes, she did.
Did he wake up early?No, he didn’t.
Did mum and dad go to work on the train?Yes, they did.
Did my brother come to your house yesterday?No, he didn’t.



I didn’t… Did you…? (past simple negative and questions) Exercises..


  1. Use the infinitive verb given to create past simple positive sentences.


  • play ________________________________________________________________

  • swim _______________________________________________________________

  • eat _________________________________________________________________

  • run _________________________________________________________________

  • chase _______________________________________________________________

  • grab ________________________________________________________________

  • have ________________________________________________________________

  • see _________________________________________________________________



    2. Complete the sentence using the appropriate intransitive verb.


met          wake up         woke up         swam         eat

  • He didn’t ________ until noon.

  • Emily and John _______ me in the park.

  • She didn’t _________ chips with her fish.

  • They _______ at 11am.

  • Mum _________ in the swimming pool in our back garden yesterday evening.


  1. Read the following paragraph and then answer the questions with short answers.


Thomas went to the supermarket with his younger brother. His mum had sent him to the supermarket to buy milk and bread. Thomas found the milk but he couldn’t find the bread. He didn’t ask anyone where the bread was. Whilst looking for bread, Thomas and his younger brother came across the chocolates and sweets which made he forget about the bread. His younger brother got excited. Thomas bought a bagful of chocolates and sweets. When he got home, his mum shouted at him for not buying the bread.


  • Did Thomas go to the supermarket with his brother? ________________________

  • Did Thomas go to the supermarket with his older brother? ___________________

  • Did he buy the milk? __________________________________________________

  • Did he buy the bread? _________________________________________________

  • Did Thomas’ brother get excited at the supermarket? ________________________

  • Did Thomas get in trouble when he got home? ______________________________


.         Did I____________________________________?

·         Did you _________________________________?

·         Did we__________________________________?

·         Did they _________________________________?


Challenge: create your own questions.


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