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I don’t… (present simple negative)

As mentioned in the previous topic for I/we/you/they we use do and for he/she/it we use does.

So the present simple negative is


Do not/don’t

Does not/doesn’t

… followed by a verb.


PronounPresent simple negative
IDon’t/ do not
WeDon’t / do not
YouDon’t/ do not
TheyDon’t/ do not
HeDoesn’t/ does not
SheDoesn’t / does not
ItDoesn’t / does not




  • I like Chinese food, but I don’t like Italian food.

  • We don’t play football in the park because we are banned.

  • You don’t put in enough effort in your homework.

  • They don’t know how many people are coming over for tea.

  • Tom drinks iced coffee but he doesn’t drink normal coffee.

  • Susan doesn’t know what time parents evening is but she does know what time her friends are coming over.

  • It doesn’t snow that much in December.


More examples:


My sister doesn’t like all my friends.

My brother drives but my sister doesn’t drive.

I don’t like my Maths teacher and I think she doesn’t like me too.



An infinitive can also be referred to as a non-finite verb.

It usually begins with the word ‘to’ e.g to sleep, to walk, to run, to improve, to eat, to jump  …so to identify whether the word is an infinitive put ‘to’ in front and see if the word makes sense.

In sentences the ‘to’ is removed e.g I can hear someone crying. (The ‘to’ has been removed from ‘to hear’)


When using the present simple negative, we use don’t/doesn’t followed by the infinitive.



She doesn’t do her homework. (to do)

His car doesn’t use diesel, it uses petrol. (to use)

They don’t travel across Europe. (to travel)



I don’t… (present simple negative) Exercises..


  1. Complete the sentences using the correct present simple negative followed by a verb.


  • I ______________________________________________________________

  • We____________________________________________________________

  • You____________________________________________________________

  • They___________________________________________________________

  • He_____________________________________________________________

  • She____________________________________________________________

  • It ______________________________________________________________


2. Read the following about Spencer, Rosie and Jamie then answer the questions using the present simple negative.(You can use short answers if you want)


Spencer hates Indian food but he likes Italian food. His favourite Italian food is pasta. Rosie also likes Italian food but her favourite is cheese and tomato pizza.  Rosie and Jamie both hate Chinese food. Jamie also hates Italian food. He prefers Lebanese food.


  • Does Spencer hate Italian food? _________________________________________

  • Does Spencer like Indian good? _________________________________________

  • Does Rosie hate Italian food? ___________________________________________

  • Does Rosie like Chinese food? ___________________________________________

  • Does Jamie like Chinese food? ___________________________________________

  • Does Jamie like Italian food? ____________________________________________

  • Does Jamie prefer Thai food? ____________________________________________


3. Change the following sentences so that they become negative.


  • I play football ___________________________________________________________________

  • I like going to my grandma’s house __________________________________________________

  • I like fish and chips _______________________________________________________________

  • I have a bedtime _________________________________________________________________

  • She has a cat ____________________________________________________________________

  • He has a car _____________________________________________________________________

  • Thomas owns a bike ______________________________________________________________

  • We want to improve our English work ________________________________________________


Challenge: Think about all the things you do not like and do not have. Then create your own present simple negative sentences. See how many you can come up with.



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