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I have… and I’ve got…

For sentences:


Pronoun Positive
IHaveI have
WeHaveWe have
YouHaveYou have
TheyHaveThey have
He HasHe has
She HasShe has
ItHasIt has



Pronoun Positive
IHave gotI have got        or I’ve got
WeHave gotWe have got   or We’ve got
YouHave gotYou have got   or You’ve got
TheyHave gotThey have        or They’ve got
He Has gotHe has got        or He’s got
She Has gotShe has got       or She’s got
ItHas gotIt has got           or It’s got



Pronoun Negative
IHave not/haven’t gotI haven’t got
WeHave not/haven’t gotWe haven’t got
YouHave not/haven’t gotYou haven’t got
TheyHave not/haven’t gotThey haven’t got
He Has not/hasn’t gotHe hasn’t got
She Has not/hasn’t gotShe hasn’t got
ItHas not/hasn’t gotIt hasn’t got




I have a dog.I’ve got a dog.
We have six rabbits.We’ve got six rabbits.
You have light green eyes.You’ve got light green eyes.
They have a car.They’ve got a car.
He has two sisters.He’s got two sisters.
She has to wake up early.She’s got to wake up early.
It has to stop raining.It’s got to stop raining.


I haven’t got long hair.
We haven’t got a dress for prom.
You haven’t got my lipstick that I let you borrow.
They haven’t got any stationary for school.
He hasn’t got into trouble with his teacher.
She hasn’t woken up.
It hasn’t got sunny yet.


For questions:


HaveI got?Have I got something in my hair?
HaveWe got?Have we got a meeting with Tom’s teacher?
HaveYou got?Have you got £2 that I could borrow?
HaveThey got?Have they got any children?
HasHe got?Has he got a big house?
HasShe got?Has she got an iPhone 6?
HasIt got?Has it got warmer?


Short answers:

  • For I/we/you/they – Yes, ____ have or No, _______ haven’t.



Yes, I have. No, I haven’t.

Yes, we have. No, we haven’t.

Yes, you have. No, you haven’t.

Yes, they have. No, they haven’t.


  • For he/she/it – Yes, _____ has or No, _______ hasn’t



Yes, he has. No, he hasn’t.

Yes, she has. No, she hasn’t.

Yes, it has. No it hasn’t.



Has it got colder?Yes, it has.
Has Thomas got a car?No, he hasn’t.
Have you got school tomorrow?Yes, I have.
Have we got homework?Yes, we have


In questions and negatives you can use do/does:


Do you have a pet? ( = Have you got a pet?)Yes, I do.
Do you have school tomorrow? ( = Have you got school tomorrow?)No, I don’t
Does Louise have a car? ( = Has Louise got a car?)Yes, she does.



I have… and I’ve got… Exercises..


  1. Complete the following sentences.

  • I have __________________________________________________

  • You have ________________________________________________

  • We’ve got _______________________________________________

  • They have got ____________________________________________

  • He has __________________________________________________

  • She has got ______________________________________________

  • It’s got __________________________________________________


  1. Use the words given to create a negative sentence.


  • (I/long hair) _____________________________________________________________________

  • (You/green eyes) _________________________________________________________________

  • (We/new pens) ___________________________________________________________________

  • (They/school) _____________________________________________________________________

  • (He/homework) ___________________________________________________________________

  • (She/good behaviour) ______________________________________________________________

  • (It/warmer) _______________________________________________________________________


  1. Answer the following questions about yourself with short answers.


  • Have you got long hair? ______________________________________________

  • Have you got brown hair? ____________________________________________

  • Have you got blue eyes? ______________________________________________

  • Have you got a big house? _____________________________________________

  • Have you got more than three siblings? ___________________________________

  • Have you got family in Australia? ________________________________________



Challenge: Change the following questions so that they begin with ‘Have….’ or ‘Has….’

  • Do they have work tomorrow? _______________________________________________________

  • Do you have a dress for prom? _______________________________________________________

  • Does John have the new revision guide? ________________________________________________

  • Does she have to go to bed early? _____________________________________________________

Challenge: Change the following questions so that they begin with ‘Do…’ or ‘Does….’


  • Has Simon got to go into school during the holidays? ________________________________________

  • Have you got the new iPhone? __________________________________________________________

  • Have we got the same dress on? ________________________________________________________

  • Has she got paint on her clothes? _______________________________________________________


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