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I have done (present perfect 1)

The present perfect = (have/has + past participle)

We have eaten in this restaurant before.

She has jumped in the playground all lunchtime.


I have / I’veI have finished eating my food.
We have / We’veWe have done our homework.
You have / You’veYou have improved your homework.
They have /  They’veThey have made their bed.
He has / He’sHe has gone to town.
She has / She’sShe has left the house already.
It has / It’sIt’s been raining since last weekend.



I have not / I haven’tI haven’t cleaned my room.
We have not / We haven’tWe haven’t done our homework.
You have not / You haven’tYou haven’t made your bed.
They have not / They haven’tThey haven’t listened to me.
He has not / He hasn’tHe hasn’t slept all night.
She has not / She hasn’tShe hasn’t passed her driving test yet.
It has not / It hasn’tIt hasn’t snowed this year.



Have I ?Have I done my homework correct?
Have we ?Have we finished watching this programme?
Have you ?Have you cooked dinner?
Have they ?Have they cleaned their bedroom?
Has he ?Has he gone to work?
Has she ?Has she left the house already?
Has it?Has it rained today?


For regular verbs the past particle is -ed (this is the same as the past simple)

e.g cleaned, finished, started, listened


For irregular verbs the past particle is not -ed

These are the same as the past simple

e.g buy -> bought = I have bought…..

leave -> left = I have left……..


These are not the same as the past simple

e.g  break -> I broke (past simple) -> I have broken (past participle)

go -> I went (past simple) -> I have gone (past participle)

The following tables shows some more examples of irregular verbs where the past simple is not the same as the past participle.


Irregular verbPast simplePast participle
fallI fellI have fallen…
seeI sawI have seen…
writeI wroteI have written…
takeI tookI have taken…
speakI spokeI have spoken…
knowI knewI have known…
giveI gaveI have given…
forgetI forgotI have forgotten…
FlyI flewI have flown…
EatI ateI have eaten
DoI didI have done…


We use the present perfect for an action in the past with a result that is occurring now.

  • I’ve lost my passport. (This means I cannot find my passport right now)

  • She’s made her bed. (The bed is made right now)

  • He’s cleaned his room. (The room is clean right now)

  • They’ve gone to work. (They are at work right now)

  • I haven’t bought milk and bread from the supermarket. (I don’t have the milk and bread right now)

  • Where has Tom gone? (This is asking where Tom is right now)

  • Have you finished with the rubber? (This means do you still need to use the rubber right now)

  • They have left to go to town. (They are not home right now)



I have done (present perfect aspect 1) Exercises..


  1. Complete the following present perfect sentences.


  • I have _____________________________________________________________

  • We have ___________________________________________________________

  • You have ___________________________________________________________

  • They have __________________________________________________________

  • He has _____________________________________________________________

  • She has _____________________________________________________________

  • It has _______________________________________________________________


  1. Use the verb given to create negative present perfect sentences.


  • (cleaned) ___________________________________________________________________________

  • (stopped)___________________________________________________________________________

  • (been)______________________________________________________________________________

  • (gone)______________________________________________________________________________

  • (done)______________________________________________________________________________

  • (made) _____________________________________________________________________________

  • (cooked)____________________________________________________________________________

  • (washed) ___________________________________________________________________________

  • (worked) ___________________________________________________________________________

  • (sorted) ____________________________________________________________________________

  • (forgotten) _________________________________________________________________________


  1. Complete the following table.


Irregular verb

Past simple

Past participle



I have fallen…


I saw



I wrote




I have taken…


I spoke




I have known…


I gave




I have forgotten…












Challenge: Create your own questions beginning with ‘Have you…?’ then ask these questions to different family members.



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