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I’ve just… I’ve already… I haven’t… yet (present perfect 2)


When we use just in a sentence, it means a short time ago.

E.g I’ve just eaten. (This means that I ate a short time ago)




I’ve just had a shower.
You’ve just eaten.
They’ve just gone out of the house.
We’ve just had dinner.
He’s just woken up.
She’s just done her homework.
It’s just started to rain.



When we use already in a sentence to show that the action has taken place before you expected it to.

E.g Is your sister going to wake up? She’s already woken up. (This shows that she’s woken up before I expected her to).




It’s 7am on a Saturday morning and mum’s already woken up.
They’ve already eaten.
He’s already gone to bed.
I’ve already done all my homework.
We’ve already ironed the clothes.



I haven’t…. yet / Have you… yet?

Yet means up until the present time.

E.g I haven’t had a shower yet. (This means until this time right now, I haven’t had a shower)




I haven’t left the house yet.
She hasn’t had her breakfast yet.
They haven’t gone to sleep yet.
He hasn’t woken up yet.
It hasn’t snowed yet.


You can use yet in questions.

E.g Have Louise woken up yet? No, not yet




Have you bought a new pair of shoes yet?No, not yet.
Has she started her new job yet?Yes, she started last week.
Has Mum cooked dinner yet?Yes, she has.
Have you done your homework yet?No, I haven’t started it yet.



I’ve just… I’ve already… I haven’t… yet (present perfect 2) Exercises..


  1. Answer the following questions using the word ‘just’


  • Have mum and dad come back from the supermarket? ______________________________________________________________________________

  • Have they eaten dinner yet? ______________________________________________________________________________

  • Is granddad still here? _______________________________________________________________________________


  1. Complete the following sentences.


  • I’ve already ____________________________________________________________________

  • You’ve already _________________________________________________________________

  • They’ve already ________________________________________________________________

  • We’ve already __________________________________________________________________

  • He’s already ____________________________________________________________________

  • She’s already ___________________________________________________________________

  • It’s already _____________________________________________________________________


Challenge: Use the information given to form questions with ‘yet’ in them.


  • Your mum and dad are coming back from holiday. You are going to pick them up. What could your brother ask you? __________________________________________________________________________________

  • Your best friend Louise is starting a new job. What could your mum ask you? ___________________________________________________________________________________

  • Your phone has broken. You are going to buy a new one. What could your dad ask you? ___________________________________________________________________________________

  • Your mum is cooking chicken for dinner but you want her to cook fish instead. What could you ask your mum?                  ________________________________________________________________________________



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