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I used to…

Saying that you ‘used to’ do something implies that you did it in the past therefore it is past tense.

We ONLY use ‘used to’ for the past tense.


Positive :


Pronoun Examples
IUsed toI used to be a waitress. Now I’m a shopkeeper.
YouUsed toYou used to have a guitar, didn’t you?
WeUsed toWe used to play together in the park.
TheyUsed toThey used to go home at lunchtime.
HeUsed toHe used to drive a black car. Now he drives a silver car.
SheUsed toShe used to travel to work on the train.
ItUsed toIt used to rain a lot every January.



Negative :


Pronoun  Examples
IDidn’t / did notUse toI didn’t use to work as a pharmacist.
YouDidn’t / did notUse toYou didn’t use to have these curtains.
WeDidn’t / did notUse toWe didn’t use to go to grandma’s every weekend.
TheyDidn’t / did notUse toThey didn’t use to play with us.
HeDidn’t / did notUse toHe didn’t use to like oranges.
SheDidn’t / did notUse toShe didn’t use to live in Scotland.
ItDidn’t / did notUse toIt didn’t use to snow in winter.





Did I use to…?Did I use to go swimming with Emma?
Did you use to… ?Did you use to like apples?
Did we use to…?Did we use to live in Ireland?
Did they use to…?Did they use to come to this school?
Did he use to…?Did he use to play the piano?
Did she use to…?Did she use to drive a black car?
Did it use to…?Did it use to be bad weather in summer?



I used to…   Exercises..


  1. Use the following infinitives to create your own sentences with ‘used to’.


  • (to be) _______________________________________________________________________

  • (to like) _______________________________________________________________________

  • (to live) _______________________________________________________________________

  • (to go) ________________________________________________________________________

  • (to eat) ________________________________________________________________________

  • (to hate) _______________________________________________________________________


  1. Complete the following sentences.


  • I didn’t use to _____________________________________________________________________

  • You didn’t use to ___________________________________________________________________

  • We didn’t use to ____________________________________________________________________

  • They didn’t use to ___________________________________________________________________

  • He didn’t use to ______________________________________________________________________

  • She didn’t use to ____________________________________________________________________

  • It didn’t use to ______________________________________________________________________


  1. Fill in the missing gap in the sentences.


  • I used _________________________________________. Now I drive a mini cooper.

  • I used _________________________________________. Now I play the piano.

  • I used _________________________________________. Now I don’t like pizza.

  • I used _________________________________________. Now I don’t fight with my sister.

  • I used _________________________________________. Now I stay home a lot.


Challenge: Create your own questions.


  • Did I use to ___________________________________________________________?

  • Did you use to _________________________________________________________?

  • Did we use to __________________________________________________________?

  • Did they use to _________________________________________________________?

  • Did he use to __________________________________________________________?

  • Did she use to __________________________________________________________?

  • Did it use to ____________________________________________________________?


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