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I was doing (past continuous)


Positive  Example:
IWasI was sleeping.
HeWasHe was playing football.
She WasShe was watching television.
It WasIt was raining.
We WereWe were running.
You WereYou were shouting at me.
They WereThey were waiting.



Negative Example:
IWas not / wasn’tI wasn’t jumping on the trampoline.
He Was not / wasn’tHe wasn’t reading the newspaper.
SheWas not / wasn’tShe wasn’t finishing her food.
It Was not / wasn’tIt wasn’t snowing.
WeWere not / weren’tWe weren’t listening to music.
You Were not / weren’tYou weren’t lying to me.
They Were not / weren’tThey weren’t crying.



Questions Example
WasIWas I screaming?
WasHeWas he painting a picture?
WasSheWas she cleaning her bedroom?
WasItWas it raining?
WereWeWere we going to go to town?
WereYouWere you cooking dinner?
WereTheyWere they sitting in the living room?



Difference between present and past:

Present tense – action is happening now

Past tense – action has taken place already


Present tensePast tense
I’m working.I was working.
She’s cleaning.She was cleaning.
They are playing basketball.They were playing basketball.
It is raining.It was raining.



I was doing (past continuous) Exercises:


  1. Fill in the missing gaps using was/were.


  • I _______ sleeping.

  • It _______ snowing.

  • They ________ crying.

  • She ________ playing.

  • We ________ laughing.

  • You _________ sweeping.

  • He _________ shouting.


  1. Use the words given to form negative past continuous sentences.


  • we/cooking _________________________________________________________

  • I/showering __________________________________________________________

  • they/sleeping ________________________________________________________

  • she/listening/music ___________________________________________________

  • he/going/town _______________________________________________________

  • you/writing/homework _________________________________________________

  • it/snowing ____________________________________________________________


  1. Create your own questions.


  • Was I ___________________________________________________________?

  • Was he __________________________________________________________?

  • Was she __________________________________________________________?

  • Was it ____________________________________________________________?

  • Were they _________________________________________________________?

  • Were you __________________________________________________________?

  • Were we ___________________________________________________________?



Challenge: Change the following present tense sentences into past tense sentences.


  • I am eating dinner at a restaurant. ________________________________________________

  • We are going to order food. _____________________________________________________

  • They are swimming. ____________________________________________________________

  • She is exercising in her room. ____________________________________________________

  • He is driving to work. ___________________________________________________________


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