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If I had… If we went… etc


 If IYou







 Past tense verbs: Had/Knew/Lived/Went/Saw/Gave 

Didn’t have…

Didn’t know…














Infinitive verbs:Buy…Be…Have…







  • If I had the money, I would invest in a company.

  • If I knew her, I would tell her to stop being so rude.

  • If she lived in London, we could stay at her house.

  • If she saw me, she wouldn’t say hello to me,

  • If they didn’t have any money, I would lend them some.

  • If they didn’t know where they were going, they could ask someone.

  • If it wasn’t raining, we could go to the park.



If he had…


If he had the money, he would buy a new house.


He would buy a new house if he had the money.

If I was friends with her, I would go to the cinemas with her.


I would go to the cinemas with her if I was friends with her.


I’dI would
She’dShe would
He’dHe would
You’dYou would
We’dWe would
They’dThey would
It’dIt would



  • I didn’t understand the homework. I’d help you with yours if I could.

  • Me and my sister have never really got along that well. She’d always fight with me if I wore her clothes.

  • My brother has always been clever. He’d always get good exam results.

  • He would have driven you to the airport if you’d have told him in advance.

  • We’d have taken you to the supermarket if you had asked.

  • If they needed money, they’d never ask me because they don’t like me.

  • It’d be a nice day if it stopped raining.

  • If I knew the directions, I’d tell you.

  • It’s snowing a lot. We’d get ill if we went out without a coat on.

  • Emma has moved to New York. She likes it. She wouldn’t be happy if she lived in Canada.

  • If you didn’t have car, how would you go to work?

  • If my sister had a car, we could go to Manchester often. 

  • You can say If __ was/were…





  • If I was 17, I would be able to drive. (or if I were…)

  • If he was well behaved, I could take him with me to the event. (or if he were..)

  • If she wasn’t so naughty, I could go on holiday and leave her with my parents. (or if she were…)

  • If it was sunny, we could go to the ice cream parlour. (or if it were…)

  • If I were you, I wouldn’t eat street food. (or if I was…)

  • If he were here right now, what would he say? (or if he was…)

  • If she were born in America, what would she be like? ( or if she was…)

  • If it were raining, I would run outside and splash in the puddles. ( or if it was…)

  • If the weather was better, we could go for a jog. ( or if the weather were…)


Compare if I have/ if it is / if I can

  • If I have saved up enough money by the end of this year, I will go on holiday. (= maybe I will have saved up enough money or maybe not, so maybe I’ll go on holiday)

  • I like that car. I am going to buy it if it is (= maybe the car will be affordable, maybe not)

  • I’ll get that book for you from the top shelf if I can (=maybe I can reach it, maybe I can’t)


Compare if I had / if it was / if I could


  • If I had saved up enough money then I would be able to go on holiday. (= but I haven’t saved up enough money, so I cannot go)

  • I like that car. I’d buy it if it was (= the car is not affordable, so I cannot buy it)

  • I’d get that book for you if I could reach it (= but I can’t reach it so I cannot get it)



If I had… If we went… etc Exercises


1. Complete the following sentences


  • If I had a car I could __________________________________________________________

  • If we knew her we would _____________________________________________________

  • If she lived near to us she would ________________________________________________

  • If you didn’t know her I wouldn’t ________________________________________________

  • If my sister lived in Manchester I could ___________________________________________



  1. Write the contractions for the following and then write a sentence using the contraction.

  • I would = _________

  • ___________________________________________________________________________________

  • She would = ___________

  • ___________________________________________________________________________________

  • He would = ____________

  • ___________________________________________________________________________________

  • You would = ___________

  • ___________________________________________________________________________________

  • They would = ____________

  • ___________________________________________________________________________________

  • We would = _____________

  • ___________________________________________________________________________________

  • It would = ____________

  • ___________________________________________________________________________________



  1. Fill in the missing gaps with was/were.


  • If I ______ you, I wouldn’t talk to her.

  • If the weather _________ nice, we could’ve gone out.

  • What would Tom do if he ______ here?


Challenge: Change the following sentences from present tense to past tense.


  • If I have time, I will go to the gym. ______________________________________________________________________________

  • I’ll take the kids to the park if it isn’t rainy. ______________________________________________________________________________

  • I’ll give you a lift to work if I can. _______________________________________________________________________________

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