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At Improve Tuition we have experienced tutors who will guide your child to

achieve their full potential. Working from the comfort of your home in

Anaheim, an online tutor is reachable using a PC, headset and internet


We help children of a range of abilities in English, math and science. Following

an assessment, our tutoring is customised to individual pupil needs, and this

enables tutors to tackle specific weaknesses and follow that up with plenty of

exam practice. For children with learning difficulties we have a more tactile

approach and this is possible with the help of parents.

Our tutors are experienced, professionally qualified tutors, trained in an

Improve established approach, and we follow the curriculum so that

confidence and self-esteem is translated into the classroom.Our caring and

friendly tutoring approach helps build this confidence, enabling children to

flourish at school.

A key feature of our success ismany Improve students stay with us for years

and with our coaching childrenachieve more.


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Our friendly knowledgeable online staff are here to help so if you have any

concerns about your child’s performance at school and want to offer the gift

of a brighter future then fill in the contact form or email us now on


Our tutoring programmes allows every student to realise their full learning

potential, something which large classrooms are not able to offer.