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An Incredible effort by India to modernise education

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An Incredible effort by India to modernise education

I see an incredible effort in India around education reform which focuses on

bringing post high-school graduates into the 21st century economy

something the US and UK could take lessons from.


We may face an educational challenge but India faces an overwhelming

education challenge which is in need of enormous immediate improvements

in educating and developing the skills of a very large and diverse population

to all. And it’s reforming it.


A recent positive move by India is the setting up of National Skill Council (NSC)

to work with the Confederation of Indian Industry.


The NSC is rapidly innovating the entire model of vocational education by

modernizing the country’s institutions, curriculum, and faculty to meet the

21st century global economic needs.


Recognising that Polytechs — post-secondary vocational schools — are vital

to the country’s future the government wants to train 500 million people to

develop and master a range of existing and new skills for the Indian Industry

of tomorrow.


The Indian government has recognized three key


> To overhaul the severely outdated vocational curriculum and

   align to meet the needs of industry of today and

> To upgrade post school education which ensures teachers

   have the knowledge to teach the skills needed for tomorrows


> To encourage teachers to innovate teaching practices.


These challenges has been met by India using two initiatives, which partners

industry with education.


Partnership 1 — The Indian government is moving the management of

Polytechs to the private sector where private enterprise take charge of the

contract and offer tighter links between faculty and industry — e.g., offer

faculty training opportunities inside the company to develop the skills for



Partnership 2 — The government announcement for setting up new

Polytechs in the hub of industrial centers and providing land to set residence

halls so students.  Employers will provide students training in their businesses

and governments are building the state-of-the-art faculty facilities.


These bold efforts that will carry substantial educational and economic benefit

to many and boost India’s international competitiveness which could make it

the tiger economy.


London and Washington recognize today’s educational pitfalls. But what are

we doing differently to address our educational problems?


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