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What does an Informal Letter look like?

1. Like a Formal Letter, there are rules of layout and presentation for writing

that you should stick to.

2. Take a look at this example then read the table on the next page which

breaks it down into its components and explains them.


 Your  address1. This is optional. You can choose whether to include it
or not. As it is to someone you know they should
already have your address.
2. It is normally included if you have recently changed
house or worried the person you are writing to has
lost your address.
3. You can use your real address or invent one, if
invented it should look real.
4. If you include it remember to set it out properly.
5.Minimum: 15 Tree Lane, Woodfield, WO1 5TL
6. Fuller: 15 Tree Lane, Oakley, Woodfield, Forestshire,
 Date1. This HAS to be present on every letter.
2. In the format and layout of day, date month, year.
3. Don’t forget the punctuation! day COMMA date
month COMMA year FULL STOP.
4. Monday, 21st February, 2015.
5. This is so that you know when you sent the letter and
the person receiving it knows when you sent it.
 Salutation1. As you are writing to someone you know such as a
relative or friend you can address them however you
wish. Below are some usual suggestions:
2. Dear…
3. To….
4. Hello…
5. Hey…
6. Hi…
 Opening  line1. In an informal letter this is normally an enquiry into how
the person is doing or something similar.
2. How are you?
3. I haven’t heard from you for a while, how is it going?
4. What’s up?
 Paragraphs1. Informal letters can be as long as you like they should
cover at least a side of A4.
2. Use informal language, remember this is someone
you know.
3. Be conversational, you are allowed to use colloquial
language as long as the overall message can still be
4. Either indent or leave a line separate between each
paragraph – it might be informal but it still has to be
 Signing off 1. When closing an informal letter there aren’t really any
limitations but keep it polite and considerate.2. Some suggestions are:
○ Love…
○ Love from…
○ From…
○ See you soon….
○ Speak to you soon…
○ Hear from you soon…
○ Reply back quick…
○ Hope to hear back…
○ I miss you…
○ Best wishes…
○ Keep safe…
 Post Script1. This follows the close of the letter and holds an extra
piece of information you may have forgotten to
include. Or an added sentiment.
○ P.S I miss you
○ P.S Can’t wait to go to the party!
○ P.S Don’t be late


It may seem complicated but once you remember all the necessary 

requirements it is very simple. It is all about presentation.

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