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Introduction to Acids and Alkalis

Acids are liquids which are solutions of compounds in water. For example,

hydroelectric acid is a solution of hydrogen chloride.They have a lot of

hydrogen ions (H+) in them. Strong acids, or highly concentrated acids,

can be corrosive because they’re so reactive, so they must be handled with

care. Alkalis are the solutions of bases, such as sodiu hydroxide. A lot of

bases are insoluble, therefore, they cannot be alkalis, BUT all alkalis can

be bases.


They contain hydroxide ions (OH-). Like acids, they can also be corrosive

if they’re concentrated, so they must also be handled with care. While acids

and alkalis can be dangerous, they can also be very helpful in our daily lives,

if used  correctly.


For example, you might not know that you’ve been sprinkling ethanoic acid  

over your fish and chips! ( Ethanoic acid is the chemical name for vinegar ).

 Lots of alkalis are used in household cleaning products, like bleach and

laundry detergent.


Fruits and vegetables also have natural acids in them – especially citric fruit,

like lemons and oranges.

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