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Is being done/has been done (passive 2)

Reminder of active and passive:

Somebody is cleaning the car. (=ACTIVE)

The car is being cleaned. (=PASSIVE)


Is/are being…. = present continuous passive

E.g The car is being cleaned = present continuous passive


Examples of present continuous passive:
New cars are being manufactured.
My laptop is being fixed.
They are being told what to do.
The book is being read by my sister.



Present continuousPresent simple
Food is being made in the kitchen.Food is made in the kitchen.
Vegetables are being grown in the back garden.Vegetables are grown in the back garden.
My sister is being hugged by my dad.My dad hugged my sister.
They are being held hostage.They are held hostage.



has/have been… = present perfect passive

E.g The car has been cleaned.


Examples of present perfect passive:
Susan’s sunglasses have been stolen.
I haven’t been injured.
Your bedroom hasn’t been cleaned.
The pizza has been eaten.
Has your room been cleaned?



Present perfect Past simple
The laundry has been done.The laundry was done in the morning.
My phone has been repaired.My phone was repaired yesterday.
Many cars have been stolen.Many cars were stolen last Saturday.
The dishes have been washed.The dishes were washed last night.



Is being done  / has been done (passive 2) Exercises..


  1. Write whether the following sentences are active or passive.


  • Amy was eating fish and chips. ____________________

  • The baby was watching television. __________________

  • Mum’s birthday card was being made by my sister. _________________

  • The key was used to open the door. __________________

  • The laptop was being used by Emily. ____________________

  • The painting was painted by Picasso. ____________________



  1. The following sentences are written in active voice. Change each sentence into passive voice.


  • The chef had cooked the food. ______________________________________________________

  • My mum baked a cake. ____________________________________________________________

  • James played with his toys. _________________________________________________________

  • A brick smashed the window. _______________________________________________________

  • Louisa ran a marathon. _____________________________________________________________



  1. Use is/are being and the verb given to form present continuous passive sentences.


  • finished ____________________________________________________________________

  • repaired ____________________________________________________________________

  • built _______________________________________________________________________

  • damaged ____________________________________________________________________

  • paid ________________________________________________________________________

  • found _______________________________________________________________________



  1. Use has/have been and the verb given to form present perfect passive sentences.


  • stolen ______________________________________________________________________

  • invited ______________________________________________________________________

  • washed ______________________________________________________________________

  • cleaned ______________________________________________________________________

  • made ________________________________________________________________________

  • caught _______________________________________________________________________



Challenge: create 3 of your own present continuous passive sentences and 3 of your own present perfect passive sentences.



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